I know this is late, but on time for Nexus One launch! If you are reading this post via iPhone/iPod Touch or your Android phone, you might have already observed that TechPP is now loading faster than before and looking different than usual.

We are now using WPtouch plugin for WordPress, which is an entire theme package for WordPress blogs. It is modeled after Apple’s app store design specs and promises to make the website load lightning fast on touch mobile devices, show the content beautifully, all while not interfering with the regular theme.


Update: We had to take off wp-touch due to compatibility issues with other plugins. We are currently trying to figure out an alternate and better solution, will keep you updated.

What’s hot?

I suppose this is really helpful for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android users as it speeds up the page load considerably and even the content readability seems improved. I was pleasantly surprised to see the way the images are displayed within the post. The installation and configuration was simple ans straight forward. In case someone loves to see the desktop version one can easily do that by turning OFF the mobile version at the bottom of the screen. The page load speed advantage may not be too apparent on a wifi connection, but it is pretty much evident on 3G, EDGE or GPRS.

What’s not?

Though the plugin provides an option to input our adsense ID and insert an ad on top of every post/page, it seriously hamper the advertising revenue. CPM based banner ads are no more displayed. For a site which gets considerable number of smartphone visitors, this is a big con.

Another negative is that the uniqueness which comes with the theme design is lost as the onus is just on the content and hence a generic theme is displayed for all iphone/android visitors. No logo, no favicon, no additional plugin features.

Over to you

I would love to hear back from you guys – do you like this? or do you prefer the default desktop theme? Do you see any improvement in page load time? Shoot your opinions!

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