The last day of 2009! The year just whistled past and we had a wonderful time over the last 364 days! List posts have always been the USP of Technically Personal and I was requested to do a roundup series by some regular readers. How can I ever say NO to you guys?!


I will start off the Roundup series with a list of 10 popular posts, related to WordPress in specific and Blogging in general, published on TechPP in 2009. The frequency of posts on WordPress dropped as the year went by, but still there were some really useful and popular posts over the last 12 months. The posts are not ranked as such, but just based on popularity in terms of comments made, page views and personal likings.

Top 10 WordPress Posts in 2009

Kindly note that the posts are in no particular order.

I still use this method to filter out most of the spam comments from my blog, especially those which are left by spam-bots. The article explains how we can use Anti-spam bee along with Akismet to keep away those spam bots on a WordPress blog. On the hind-sight I feel 99.99% was bit exaggerated, but still useful nevertheless.

Possibly my best list post till date, which got lots of link love and traffic – both organic and inorganic. This was written at a time when I was mad about WordPress themes (specially magazine themes) and used to know about every single free news based theme at that time. The best part about this theme is, other than getting some good traffic, people still thank me as it helped them choose a theme of their choice. A bit outdated probably, so a follow-up post might come soon!

This is one of my favorite tutorial posts of all time. Feedburner was recently acquired by Google and was (is still) running through all sort of problems. Many popular blogs used to display their RSS subscribers count in text but at the same time they never bothered to fix a bug which would show “NA” at the beginning of every day. I guess this bug is still very much present, so it might help some fellow publishers.

Another popular list post which got good amount of hits and link love from fellow publishers. Pretty straight-forward and useful. I wrote some similar posts like WordPress Gallery plugins. Check them out.

It’s no secret that I hate don’t like Thesis theme and this post stands as a proof/reason for that. If you plan to read through the post kindly make sure you read the comments section as well, some really nice discussion we have had on this post.

A guide more than a list post, something I wrote by sheer experience I gained during theme changing spree. It is such a huge work, so this guide will come in handy whenever you plan to change your WordPress theme.

A very common and generic error. Anyone using WordPress for quite some time must have come across this. Those who haven’t got the error (congrats!), now you know where to look for help!

This is a guest post written by Amit, one of the best ones we have had till date. SEO explained in simple terms, a must read guide for bloggers just starting out.

One of those posts which failed to get attention and praise it deserved. I am glad that it helped few fellow bloggers who lost their websites/domains due to high-handedness of some free web-hosts.

This post was part of my Google Wave series of posts, which have become a one-stop resource to understand, explore and work with Google Wave. This is one of the very few articles I wrote on WordPress in the latter part of 2009.

That completes the 10 popular WordPress posts we have had on TechPP. I would love to hear back from you. Shoot your opinions through the comment form below. Also, please answer the poll below, helps me a lot!

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