5 Geeky Things to Lookout for in 2011

5 Geeky Things to Lookout for in 2011

A fantastic year is about to end, and we joyously embrace a new dawn. I wish all our readers a very Happy New Year! Though this year may end, it was an year full of innovation, ideas coming to life and technology taking new strides. But the coming year is expected to be full of surprises. There are a few […]


Ultimate List of Android Security Apps

Ultimate List of Android Security Apps

Google’s Android OS is growing at a rapid pace and is expected to be the most widely used smartphone OS in 2011. Being an open source software has its advantages as well as disadvantages. The main disadvantage being susceptible to hackers and other dangerous stuffs. You have every reason to secure your Android device and we tell you how. Android […]


Top 5 Gadgets of 2010

It appears to be that almost daily a new gadget comes along, and the one you possess is then almost outdated already, even if it was a recent purchase. However, really cool gadgets with cutting edge design and technology are rare. Nevertheless, gadgets are the quintessence of cool and so here are our top 5 picks of 2010 – Ipad – The best […]


Facebook Relationship Status Options

Dear Mark, The options you have provided to set our relationship statuses are incomplete and confusing. With your new profile, I am pestered and forced to choose one. Please help me. Thanking you, Tiger ————————————————————————————— Dear Tiger, May be this is what you were looking for. Cheers! Mark [via]MUO


Google’s Educational Edition for Schools

Google is in discussion with architects of educational software. This will facilitate the construction of a marketplace for online learning programs, a business whose worth may draw near $5 billion. Google Apps Education Edition is an expansive IT elucidation that schools can apply to get communication and collaboration apparatus to the entire educational society, free of cost. Google administers all […]


Samsung Galaxy Player Coming in 2011

Samsung might be late into the party. But they are determined to take on Apple nevertheless. After taking on the Apple iPad through their Galaxy Tab phone, Samsung will be coming out with Android based Galaxy Player to take on Apple iPod Touch! Samsung will be unveiling their media player in January at CES 2011 in Las Vegas. According to […]


The Cloud Revolution – All About it !!

To wonder why cloud computing revolution is occurring today, is something of circumlocution. A comprehensive definition of cloud computing, fundamentally gets associated with a broad swath of the major advances happening, in how IT is functioned and distributed at present. Internet- based computing where servers provide resources, software and data to computers and other devices on demand is known as […]


A Strategic Guide to Building a Better Blogroll

Guest post by Daniel Cassady. A blogroll, usually located in a sidebar of your blog, is simply a list of links to other blogs or Websites you recommend to your readers. While the ideal situation has readers staying on your pages and not wandering off to other blogs, a well-crafted, strategically built blogroll will not only protect your turf as […]


First Look at Notion Ink Adam Hardware

After all the baseless allegations by some bloggers regarding the authenticity of Notion Ink Adam, Rohan Shravan, the CEO of Notion Ink has released a new video detailing the 180 degree port placement of the Android based tablet. Over the last 3 days, Rohan has been releasing one video-a-day and all of them were regarding the user interface of Adam, […]