As you might already know, TechPP Mega Christmas Giveaway came to an end on the last day on 2009 and boy! it was a resounding success with over 31 popular and quality software were given away for Free to the lucky lot, few of the software were given away free for everyone!

There was lots of hard-work which went into this campaign. Contacting the software developers, putting up a catalog describing the giveaway, explaining what’s in it for every stakeholder, deciding the order and dates for each giveaway, moderating the entries, validating the entries, choosing the winners, contacting the winners for additional details, mailing the winners details to the software developers and making sure the licenses are sent to the winners. Phew! it was tough, but worthy in the end!

This post is a roundup of what happened over the past month and a half –

1. November 17th 2009 : Christmas Giveaway was announced.
2. November 26th 2009 : The first giveaway post under this campaign.
3. December 31st 2009 : The last giveaway ended.
4. 30 days of Giveaway – 30 different and popular software reviewed + free licenses given away
5. A whopping 5300+ comments made during this campaign! That means almost 175 comments (entries) made per post on an average.
6. The worth of software given away during these 30 days exceeds $40k, yes, USD 40,000! I am yet to calculate the exact worth, but it will be near to this $40k mark for sure!

I would like to thank all my wonderful readers (both old and new) for making this campaign a grand success. Also, I would like to thank the software developers (listed below) for generously sponsoring the free licenses. Most of the PR guys I interacted with were absolutely wonderful to work with. I would also love to thank Martin from who was not only my inspiration behind this giveaway but also helped me promote it through his blog everyday. Take a bow Martin! There were many fellow bloggers and friends who did their bit in promoting the giveaway on Twitter, Facebook, forums and other social networking sites! Last, but not the least, Dnyanesh Mankar, the talented designer who worked on the banner templates for the giveaway.

Our lovely sponsors – TechSmith, Rising, GlarySoft, iSkysoft, SUPERAntiSpyware, IDM, MediaMonkey, Keynesis, Freedur, CyberLink, CuteFTP, EASEUS, TuneUP Media, Speedbit, Returnil, Sothink, Codeweavers, Axialis, WinAutomation, Antamedia, Daemon Tools, Uniblue, Macecraft, HideIPVpn, Safely Remove, WinRAR, Corel and ESET

We are in the process of choosing winners of the last few giveaways, that will be completed by this weekend!


All the efforts go waste if you don’t like it. I would love to know if you liked the reviews and the giveaways? Anything you like to comment about the 30 day long giveaway, just leave a comment below. I would love to get any suggestion, feedback or appreciation from your side.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    This is wonderful campaign.. Hope every one is benefited with this contest.. I got hide IP VPN in this give away.. Waiting for the final NOD 32 result.. just wanna check my luck again… 😀

  • hideipuser

    Really enjoyed this holiday season with your great giveaway series.
    Thank you so much and Happy 2010.

  • Abhishek

    This 30 day giveaway was awesome. Even though I missed out a couple of giveaways initially but I participated in almost all of them and won in two-three of them. Free for all giveaways were also nice giving everyone the chance to get them. Overall it was very good and like me I hope everyone enjoyed it. Thanks a lot.

  • system dioxide

    It has been a really nice experience. Keep up the good work.

  • Bionic

    must have been a massive task,
    both you and martin did a splendid job


  • Nathan

    Must have been an enormous effort, but the 30 days of giveaways were exceptional! Thank you!

  • Realman

    So, what happedned on “”

    Just closed not to give anyone key?

    • Raju

      That was rude! The developer needs to get back, as mentioned in the article, the whole process takes time, especially when the giveaway involves 100 winners. Kindly wait.

  • Sputnik

    Thanks to Raju and to all the sponsors !

    All the softwares which were offered here were of great quality and the description made of each of these was also great and informative !

  • Emil


    You made a great job!
    Wana thank you for had this chanse to get to know you here by this giveaways. If Martin should’nt been writeing and mentined you I probably would’nt be here by now. Thanks!
    Will be interesting to read more of your articles during 2010 as one good source to get bigger knowledge in this field and niche.
    Looking very much forward!
    Happy New Year friend – you’re a wonderful inspiration.

  • Raju

    Thanks a lot guys, 2010 will surely be better :)

  • betty rood

    just wanted to drop in and say thank you and happy new year! i am sure a lot of work and stress went into this giveaway and all of us have enjoyed it..congrats on the success of a huge giveaway!

    alwaysatryin at

  • Linu

    Hey Raju, just wanted to say thanks for the effort and the giveaways. happy New Year to you.Regards.

  • Jeff

    Thanks – for all the hard work you did it was great, I had lots of fun too.

  • ck

    wow!!that’s great for this whole giveaways.
    everyday is waiting for the next giveaways coming..
    exciting!! nice work, bro!!
    thanx a lots ya and all the best in a new year:)

  • Murphy

    Yes…it was nice and a great and much work . Congratulations .
    Happy New Year to you and your family !

  • soon

    Happy New Year to everone here and especially thanks to Raju. Your effort is incredible proven by the statistic above.

  • Aang

    I’m glad you finally announce this, Raju. Frankly, I feel it a little late. You should have announced this a little faster. I see in some forums there is doubt the truth of this giveaway event. But of course, all this is your decision because this is your site.
    For me, this is all very exciting and I am very grateful for that (hey, did I mention that I was the lucky person to get some licenses in your party yesterday? Yet?).
    Great job friends and thank you for the effort. Happy new year and take care.

  • Slipdisc

    I appreciate all you do but to be totally honest, quite a bit of the software given away is just useless or overpriced. I mean there are a ton of freeware or open source alternatives to almost every piece of software you had. Not all but well over 90% i think.

    The moment you enter “free” into the equation, everything changes. That puts them all on a level playing field. But when a user can’t get a commercial application for free, they start looking for an open source solution.

    So the 40k in total software given away seems quite a large number but in the big picture, its minuscule. I’m not trying to take anything away from you, I just wanted to put that out there.

    Happy New Year.

    • Raju

      appreciate the comment and the opinion, but I would like to know “useless for whom”, for you may be? and for few others too? but not for all! I was targeting different kind of people and looking at the comments for each giveaway, it surely proved me right. There were always enough people who liked the software and were in need of them. As a reader you might find some useless, but for me, it was much more than personal choice. I had done my best to get to know what software people would like via some surveys etc and only then contacted the software PRs.
      This is not the right place to discuss about freeware alternatives, but the fact that most of the companies who participated here are doing well and selling their stuff implies that their software is worthy of the price they ask for and hence enough people are buying them still.

  • LitteTaintains

    Hello Raju,
    I would like to thank you for your great work.
    Happy, happy, happy New Year!

  • Lee

    Hey Raju,

    A very big thanks to you and all the people who worked with you to make this campaign a success – and to Martin (from Ghacks) for promoting the campaign on his website. The software I won through this campaign has made my christmas! I’m sure I speak for everyone who was lucky enough to win a great piece of software when I say that the vast effort you and your staff/friends put in, and the personal time you would have given up, to see the campaign through, is very much appreciated!

    I have been following the campaign through to the end and think it has been great. I have been lucky enough to pick up some great software including Keynesis Lockngo Pro and WinAutomation Pro.

    The campaign has not only been great for the recipients of the software given away, but also for the software developers, and I can see this campaign being much bigger next year as more developers come on board. For e.g. I had not heard of Keynesis Lockngo before this campaign and now would now reccomend it to colleagues. So when those colleagues buy it the software developer benefits! This is the best form of advertising for such developers, because when someone with a specific need for their product can demonstrate it to others with a specific need for it, sales are inevitable. If any software developers were reluctant to participate in the giveaway I hope they understand just how much free “targeted advertising” they can get out of participating!

    I have eagerly checked the results for the giveaways since the campaign started, and checking to see if I have won anything has become quite addicative. The opportunity to get something for nothing is really great, especially in this day and age. So Raju, take a bow for your efforts and I hope the number of subscribers to this website/blog grows exponentially after this giveaway!

    I am eagerly awaiting the results of the giveaway for the lifetime free upgrade license for USB Safely Remove – a great product for those who have not used it and use a lot of portable media – and I hope I win a license!

    Once again thanks for your efforts and keep up the good work! I look forward to next years giveaway!

  • Granny

    Happy New Year to all…

    The very best thing about all of these giveaways is that everyone learns something about sites and software… so we are all winners!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  • S.Pradeep Kumar

    Nice round up mate.. :)

    Happy New Year..

    And yes, the banners were really nice.. adding him on Facebook.. 😀

  • Richie S.

    First of all a great season it was, a ‘TechPP festival!!’

    But I couldn’t get CuteFTP to work, with the key you gave me :(, please help..

    • Raju

      I guess I know what the problem is, will tell you on mail

  • vhick

    Thanks for giving an event to us like this. I’ve been thankful. I hope for more success in our community.

    Happy new year to all…

  • Toris

    This was a great giveaway event, and i hope you can take a big break now :0
    It sounds a lot of work, so enjoy the new year, and have fun.

  • kvanger

    is winning even real? because for 2 years I haven’t seen one email about winning both on here and ghacks :)

  • acr

    This was a great giveaway. Hope your site has a great 2010.

  • Jack

    Looking forward to your 2010 posts and the next decade, glad I found this site, it has been great. Congrats on a great 2009!

  • ZoeS

    Wonderful and thank you!

  • Carrie

    Great Giveaway campaign

  • Manesh Narayan

    This has been a great giveaway. Thanks a lot. You have done a great job. There may be freewares but these paid softwares have their own special uses and facilities and that makes this giveaway a very good one. You have made the Christmas for several people. Thanks a lot once again.

  • chris

    Great giveaway, nice efforts and hope to see it back in year 2010!

  • Jason

    A big thank you to Raju and all sponsors! :)

    Happy New Year!