What do you do when your internet speed is at its worst? You want to check your mails, check your adsense income or complete some important research work and you are not able to do any of them? This will be a day-to-day affair if you are using dial-up connection or a slow broadband connection. This post is especially intended for those power users of internet who don’t want to miss their web experience even when connections speed sucks. Using this trick, you can carry out your web surfing easily and swiftly as if you were on a proper broadband line. We will see about a way/alternative to surf internet when your internet speed is frequently irregular and slow at times.


Trick to Browse web faster when Internet connection Sucks

Opera Mini is a mobile browser based on java platform used on most cellphones to surf internet on mobile in a pc-friendly navigation style. Opera Mini 5 (the latest version) is faster, easier and features pc-friendly internet/web-surfing. Browsing through opera mini is faster because opera mini uses its own proxy server to fetch websites for you. Opera Mini squeeze webpages and present to you your desired content at a reasonable speed.

Steps to surf on PC using mobile browser opera mini to experience speed even when actual internet speed is low:

1. First, we need to make sure that Java runtime is installed on our PC, because to run mobile java applications, we need an emulator and to run emulator, java runtime class is required.

Download the latest Java runtime environment for windows pc.

After downloading, install it and then proceed to next step.

2. Now we need an emulator to emulate mobile java application on pc. The emulator should be able to use network and should support full-screen view of mobile application. Here we choose MicroEmulator.

Download MicroEmulator

After downloading, open microemulator.jar


3. Now we need to fit/resize microemulator to our PC screen so that we can surf web on PC in full screen mode. For this we need to add a device to microemulator.

Download devices.zip containing resizable.jar and opera mini 5.jad for microemulator

Extract the downloaded folder.

4. Now click on options button in Microemulator. Check Midlet Network Access. Then click on Select Device, then click on ADD button. Locate the downloaded resizable.jar and click open



5. Now select resizable.jar – Click on set as default – hit OK.


6. Now click on File menu, locate opera-mini.jad in the downloaded folder above. Click on Start. Opera Mini will  configure itself. Now just open your desired website and surf the web swiftly with a few limitation.


Click on thumbnail above to see how techpp.com looks in full screen on opera mini browser on pc.

Using the method, mentioned above, you can browse the web fastly and swiftly while some websites doesn’t render fully but this method is particularly useful for dial-up users to get their web-task done in a minute.

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  • Simran

    Nice trick to surf faster on slower net connection :)

  • Samrat P

    very good article buddy.. will definitely help at times…..:)

  • Mrpant

    Genius post. I’ve been using my phone (GPRS) on the computer. The speed is really pathetic. I needed something like this.

  • Hakimy

    is there a way to open open microemulator.jar? no matter how much I click on it,nothing happens.and I have nokia pc suite installed on my laptop so is it the one causing the problem? or am I missing something here?

    • SaurabhStar

      @Hakimy, You have not followed step 1 mentioned in the above tutorial. Java runtime is rquired to open microemulator.jar . SO download java from the link given in the above post and then try.. Feel free to ask for further assistance

  • ph

    So, as a sizable bit of the speed improvement when using opera mini comes from the compression of websites on the opera turbo servers, why go through the trouble of emulating a mobile phone to run opera mini?

    just download the regular opera browser and push the “turbo” button – it’s the same thing. oh, and maybe push the next button in the row as well and deactivate images while you’re at it :)

    • SaurabhStar

      @ph, I have tried opera turbo also, just open any website using the method mentioned above when ur connection speed is slow and also on opera turbo, u’ll know the difference

  • Murphy

    Nice and useful article. Thanks.
    Best regards !

  • meanpt

    I do have a friend who knows and had some one working for the local MS tricking the ports … the browsers seemed more like Internet Download Manageer working … didn’t get what he did, but everything is pretty faster … much faster …

  • http://techwithric.com/ Richie S.

    Excellent! Commenting right now from this method opera mini using this method.

    However wanted to add that, there wasn’t a jad file in the download that you povided (only the jar was present) and Opera mini 5 had problems when I resized the emulator.

    Also this will come in need: For left-soft key and right-soft key (in a mobile) the keyyboard short-cuts are F1 and F2

    • SaurabhStar

      @Richie S., Content updated in the link . Opera mini.jad is now added in the dowload. You should resize emulator first and then load opera mini in the emulator. Thank you for your comment!

  • http://techpp.com Raju

    Awesome article Saurabh, very helpful to many people.

  • http://www.tricksmachine.com VISHAL

    That’s really a cool trick :)

  • Hakimy

    Actually I have java runtime version java 6 update 17 yet it didn’t open after I clicked on the jar file.any help please?

    • Bhatta

      well java runtime update works fine but installing java development kit works best if there jdk1.5 is minimal requirement after installing jre not req best thing is that stability is more noticable

  • hideipuser

    Very useful trick. Thanks.

  • Ramkumar

    Nice trick, but I dont get the idea behind this, can the speed be increased because Opera uses its own proxy server?

    • SaurabhStar

      @Ramkumar, Opera mini squeezes webpages greatly. Other such services are skweezer.com but still using opera mini would prove better on pc.

  • http://www.techfreakstuff.com Rohit Sane

    I never knew that we can use the Mobile Browser for the PC. I think there are sites and Mozilla Firefox add-ons which disable JavaScript and Flash loading to help us in accessing Heavy websites at a faster rate.

  • http://www.techhamlet.com Pubudu Kodikara

    hmm… must give it a try… thanks for the post bro! 😀

  • Hakimy

    I didn’t get an answer fr my question.I clicked on microemulator and it doesn’t open eve though i have the java runtime.the jar file has nokia pc suite on it.should I change it to something or try to open it using a certain program?

    • SaurabhStar

      @Hakimy, the jar file has nokia pc suite on it – what does it mean? Nokia pc suite is nowhere talked about. Can you be more manifest

  • Sagar @ The Weblog Press

    Thats a very handy trick which can be quite helpful when i switch to my dial-up after my broadband limit exceeds.

  • http://www.strictlyonlinebiz.com/blog Udegbunam Chukwudi

    Right click on the file, select open with then browse to where you installed the java program.On my vista laptop it’s @ C/program files/java/jre6/bin. in this folder select either javaw.exe or java.exe to open the file. I hope this helps

  • http://www.strictlyonlinebiz.com/blog Udegbunam Chukwudi

    U rock all the way! I’m so including this in my top blog posts for this week come Friday. I’ve been looking for this fix for ages. Thanks a million. Would have been perfect if the download, save pages and copy-paste function were working

  • Gowtham

    It’s Excellent and genuine trick.

  • kam

    great trick.. now we need hi speed for videos.. anyone ?

  • ken joe

    i from africa nigeria i want to browser with my phone connect to labtop
    free help me

  • babloo

    Its realy a great article. But how can we download content using opera mini?

  • babloo

    how can we use download function using this trick

  • elsa

    I wish I had known this earlier. I used to be able to surf the internet for free using opera mini (that has been modified) from my mobile phone. My friend told me that her friend could surf the net for free in her computer with opera mini.

    I guess I need to get another modified opera mini then.

    Thanks :-)

  • kishang007

    u r “great” saurabstar……really “great”, because I tried for a 1year at all emulators like “winwap” and “nokia mobile browser simulator” and some apps also, but i am not getting succeeded, these are worst ways to get fast browsing. at last i saw your article then i tried and success with great opera(my favorite) app. including
    your trick is very useful and greatful when mobile internet on pc

    thanks brother thanks a lot……

  • Roan

    Great is faster then ever….. but is like using phone for this device… LOL… yeah that is opera mini…

  • john smith

    Amazing article with a lot of useful information, actually, I am bothered with the slow internet connection for quite a long time, but now I found an easy way to handle my problem, which is the software tuneup360

  • salis

    i have downloaded the microemulator but dont know how to run it cos it was rar and when i extracted it, i saw diff types of folders and cant find the app in them

  • rad

    sir, when installation of opera mini always fails?is the version the problem?

    • rad

      its say the system cannot find jar file yet when i check it..its still there..

  • Marine

    I cannot find the opera-mini.jad file…

  • Alyssa

    It’s in the devices folder. Here’s the whole filename: opera-mini-5.0.16823-advanced-en.jad

    • jainish

      i can’t start by this way.

  • Benjamin

    Thank you, this really great :)

  • Brendan

    u dont have to go through all this trouble. just download the PC version of Opera browser. it has a built in feature called “Opera Turbo”. Enable it and it does the exact same thing that opera mini does. it compresses the data using the same servers used for opera mini!

  • james

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    Can’t able to find resizable.zar wr did i get sir….

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    the Philippines is not supported by this free calls so, i don’t want to try it just to be sure that it’s goin to be failed :(

  • http://techpp.com/2010/01/10/slow-internet-speed-trick-to-browse-faster/ raja kashyap

    luv u bro u r solved my slow down problem tnx again

  • Irfan

    installed java runtime then also microemulator not opening………on opening the emulator one black window comed up(like cmd) for a second & then nothing happened….plz help!!!

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    hey, your second download link is not working