Everyday there are so many new iPhone apps being added into the app-store and I normally don’t like to talk about them as such. Last time we discussed about iPhone apps, we saw 15 cool Augmented Reality apps for iPhone. Today, I will introduce to another cool application which converts your iPhone into a security (or a spy) cam for real!

iPhone 3GS comes with 3.2 megapixel camera, so Crowded App has come out with an interesting (yet controversial) idea of using the iPhone 3GS camera as a security device.


With this app, you can set your iPhone to take pictures at a pre-defined set of interval in minutes, or just about every time the mic on the iPhone detects any sound. You can also set the app to run the two modes in question simultaneously to take pictures every minute and/or whenever it picks up some sound, all these for just 99 cents!!

To make the application power saving, and in order not to drain the iPhone’s battery, a feature has been implemented which allows the iPhone to sleep after a certain period of time and remain spying. Features of Security Cam app for iPhone are as follows.

  • Capture Modes:
    • Frequency Capture: Set a specific frequency for when the camera will take a photo. A Countdown is shown on screen.
    • Audio Trigger: The camera will only snap a photo when a predefined noise level is detected.
    • Frequency and Audio: There is an additional feature that allows the application to choose both frequency capture and audio trigger so as to never miss an important shot.
  • Time & Date Stamp: Attach an optional date and time stamp to allow going back and see what happened and when.
  • Battery Conservation: Set a specific time for the operation. The iPhone will then go to sleep after the defined period is over to save on battery.

Now comes the ethical aspect of using this app. No wonder Apple took more than a year to approve this. The app was submitted to the app store in December 2008 and and only recently it was approved. Such an application tends to pose serious security risks by invading people’s privacy, which is a huge misuse of the application.

I believe as a next step, the app developers would be looking to add audio and video recording capabilities, without these, the app looks very basic. Security Cam is available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99 USD. You can download it from here.


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