We know about the rumors that Windows 7 SP1 is expected to arrive during mid-2010 and expected to be a collection of patches and updates rolled out till then. One major bug being reported by the users is that immediately after log on, they were presented with a Windows Activation window: “Windows is not genuine. Your computer might not be running a counterfeit copy of Windows. 0x80070005, and more….


Some other symptoms of associated with this issue are –

1) The computer desktop background goes black, and you receive the following error message on the bottom right corner of the screen:

This copy of Windows is not genuine

2) You receive the following error message when you view the System Properties: (Control Panel –> System and Security –> System)

You must activate today. Activate Windows now

3) If you try to use slmgr.vbs /dlv to view the licensing status, you receive the following message:

Error: 0×80070005 Access denied: the requested action requires elevated privileges

Microsoft explained that its caused by lack of permissions in the registry key HKU\S-1-5-20. “The Network Service account must have full control and read permissions over that registry key. This situation may be the result of applying a Plug and Play Group Policy object (GPO). Computer Configuration –> Policies –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –> System Services –> Plug and Play (Startup Mode: Automatic).”

Those affected by this issue can turn to one of two workarounds detailed by Microsoft, documented below-

Method A: Disable the Plug and Play Policy

1. Determine the source of the policy. To do this, follow these steps:

  • On client experiencing Activation error, run Resultant Set of Policy wizard by clicking Start, Run and entering rsop.msc as the command.
  • Visit following location: Computer Configuration –> Policies –> Windows Settings –> Security Settings –> System Services
  • If Plug & Play service is configured through a Group Policy setting, you see it here with settings other than Not Defined. Additionally, you can see which Group Policy is applying this setting.

2. Disable Group Policy settings and force Group Policy to be reapplied.

  • Edit Group Policy that’s identified in Step 1 and change setting to “Not Defined.” Or, follow the section below to add required permissions for Network Service account.
  • Force Group Policy setting to reapply: gpupdate /force (a restart of the client’s sometimes required)

Method B: Edit the permissions of the Group Policy

  1. Open Group Policy that’s identified in Method A, Step 1 above, and open corresponding Group Policy setting.
  2. Click Edit Security button, and then click Advanced button.
  3. In Advanced Security Settings for Plug & Play window click Add and then add SERVICE account. Then, click OK
  4. Select following permissions in Allow section and then click OK:Query template
    Query status
    Enumerate dependents
    User-defined control
    Read permissions

Note: Previous rights’re the minimum required permissions.

  • Run gpupdate /force after you apply previous permissions to Group Policy setting.
  • Verify that appropriate permissions’re applied with following command:sc sdshow plugplay

    following’re the rights applied to Plug & Play service in SDDL:


    (A;;CC LC SW LO CR RC ;;;SU is an Access Control Entry (ACE) that allows the following rights to “SU” (SDDL_SERVICE – Service logon user)

    A: Access Allowed
    CC: Create Child
    LC: List Children
    SW: Self Write
    LO: List Object
    CR: Control Access
    RC: Read Control
    SU: Service Logon User

    Note: If there’re no GPO’s in place, then another activity may’ve changed default registry permissions. To work around this issue, perform following steps:

    1. On computer that’s out of tolerance, start Registry Editor.
    2. Right-click registry key HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-20, and select Permissions…
    3. If NETWORK SERVICE isn’t present, click Add…
    4. In Enter object names to select type Network Service and then click Check Names and OK.
    5. Select NETWORK SERVICE and Grant Full Control and Read permissions.
    6. Restart computer.
    7. After restart, system may require activation. Complete the activation.
  • [via]KB2008385

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    49 thoughts on “Make Windows 7 Genuine – Tips to Stop “Windows is not Genuine” Message

    1. Great work – I’ve been upgrading my main computer & every hardware change
      has resulted in the non-genuine issue.A real pain !Many thanks for these
      tips on how to get rid of this annoyance in what is a good OS,

    2. I never face this problem,luckily. I thought it suppose to problem-free for those who purchase the genuine Win7.How about for those who using pirated one??If they are free from this problem as well, it’s so unfair for those who spend more to buy genuine win7.

    3. @soon, The pirated one ( not genuine ) have this problem too. It can be delete by download remove wat ver 2.2 It’s work.

    4. my computer window 7 hasbeen disabled i opened by method a
      group policity edit tab is disables
      my machine was scaned once by microsoft
      i am using window 7 ultimum
      any suggetion will be helpful

    5. how do i disable the group policy settings? i can’t find it. in detail, please 🙁 i don’t want to make a mistake. i might do something i’d regret 🙁

    6. whenever i try to run rsop.msc, i get this error: Windows cannot find ‘rsop.msc’.Make sure you typed the name correctly and try again.

      any help?

    7. My original windows 7 home premium, that I got at the time of buying the laptop, has crashed. I have the key. Is there any genuine copy of Windows 7 available on net, that I can install with my key?

      • hey,,,,if you have crashed your windows 7 home premium,,,,no problem!!!
        the key for windows 7 home premium you got during buying the laptop is your original key….
        the only thing to do is to download windows 7 home premium from internet and reinstall it on your laptop with your original key…….
        remember,,,the copy of windows 7 home premium that you would be downloading would not specify you that it is a genuine copy or not BUT only the you would be entering during reinstallation would make that copy of windows genuine……..
        that’s all to help you….if you want more details contact me on my email – john_cool419@yahoo.com

      • Dear Archita, If you have the key you have everything. Just Install any windows home premium and change product key. To do that right click on my computer, properties and then on bottem click change product key. Enter your original key and it’s GOOD AS NEW. cheers!!

    8. this problem has been driving me crazy on two computers I have… I got a bit lost on the explanation actually – so I’m still not sure what to do…. definitely don’t want to have to reactivate anyway…. that sounds like a whole other pain…

    9. I used RemoveWat sometime back and kept updating Windows 7 ultimate build 7600. Now windows has found me out! I get nagging notifications of windows not genuine everytime i launch a windows application.
      How do i disable the notifications only?

    10. my OS is windows 7 (not genuine/counterfeit)
      i have some trouble with this message…!!!
      “your windows is not genuine..”
      can you explain to me what it is “0XC004F200”
      can i make my OS be genuine, without connect to microsoft sites???

    11. Hi I am using my laptop in Lucknow(India), I have a net connection and I always do updates as aper notification. But since 3 months the message shown that “The copy of Windows is not genuine,You may victim a software” Please help me out…What I do ????

    12. i can’t go through…i tried to do the steps you mention..pls be specific.. im stuck in here….[If Plug & Play service is configured through a Group Policy setting, you see it here with settings other than Not Defined. Additionally, you can see which Group Policy is applying this setting.] how am i goin to disable the group policy setting…(sigh)

    13. i followed your instruction till getting to Plug and Plug. But it does not have any Group Policy Defined. Infact Startup and Permission parameters are ‘Not Defined’. Please let me know how to proceed further to solve the problem of getting rid of the error “This copy of windows is not Genuine….”

    14. hi…i bought a laptop n it came with windows7 home premium bt it crashed..so my friend formatted it n loaded windows 7 ultimate instead of home premium n nw it shows that it is not genuine..i have the product key for windows 7 home premium…bt wat do i do 2 stop this message?plz help

    15. when windows 7 is activate geinue …….plz tell me data are deleted or not?????can i face the problem………..

    16. I have windows 7 Ultimate..when i it start give me activated windows message & This copy of windows is not genuine..this is a big problem for me…can you help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    17. i have windows 7 home premium .when i it start give me activated windows message & This copy of windows is not genuine..this is a big problem for me…can you help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    18. hey, i have window xp & i m worried about this mesage”this copy of window is not genune.i had tried to delete it according to google.but can’t ,how can i resolve it?

    19. my —- not genuine window 7 Ultimate—- error code is 0 x c004F057
      black screen
      plz guide in simply followable clear steps if possible
      Hopes so

    20. My computer started doing the same thing this morning, and I am clueless about what to do. If you should happen to figure out how to fix the problem without me having to pay $200+ to download this “new” software, PLEASE let me know. It would be greatly appreciated.

    21. I have tried all steps and still got the “not genuine” message also the black page… please help, what should I do?

    22. I just encountered this problem last night too..can you give some tips to stop this problem without paying…

    23. My laptop is telling me this error message but I can not get on the internet to register my original code that I got with my computer. What am I suposed to do to ge tthis message to go away? and be able to use my laptop again.

    24. Screw windows….Apple isn’t perfect(overheating, etc) but it simply doesn’t have these trivial problems with their OS.

    25. Microsoft not genuine copy of windows OS error show, When you run cracked or not genuine windows. You can fix not genuine windows error by registration your OS, For which You need to enter Microsoft 25 digits product license activation key getting from ODosta Store. You can buy retail product key from Microsoft, but its very costly, So I recommend you to buy cheap key code from ODosta Inc.
      as I recently bought it, activated it and my issue has been fixed.

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