There have been umpteen instances where I have had used my USB drive (or flash drive) at my friend’s PC. And most of the times, I end up clearing the contents of the drive due to lot of reasons. So what happens to the deleted content?

  • It will be deleted permanently, or
  • It will go to recycle bin of that PC

Restoring the content in the first case is not an easy, straight-forward task, but in the second case, you can simply open the Recycle Bin and restore the deleted file, but then it works only when the owner of that PC has not emptied his recycle bin! So, is there any better solution?

Luckily, yes! The solution is to create a custom, built-in recycle bin within the flash drive!

How to create recycle bin for USB/Flash drive?

Check out a cool utility called iBIN which creates a built-in Recycle Bin for Flash drives. Just download the zip file, extract the EXE from the ZIP and copy it into your flash drive. Now run the EXE you just placed in your flash drive to create your flash drive’s Recycle Bin!

When you try to delete a file, you will now get a warning pop-up like the one below


Clicking on Dump into iBin would move the file to iBin which will be available for restoration at a later point of time. We can adjust the capacity options for iBin along with other options by right-clicking on its system tray icon and opening its menu.


There are variety of options available to tweak the settings of the utility to your requirement


Hope you find this utility useful! Let me know through your comments!

Download iBin [Some readers reporting presence of trojan as detected by Kaspersky. Download link removed until we get a confirmation if it’s clean]

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14 thoughts on “Create Recycle Bin for Your USB/Flash Drive

  1. When you have a flash drive you usually don’t want any “hidden” data such as that in the recycle bin. You either keep the data on the drive, or remove it completely. So for me it seems rather useless. Not to say that it may contribute to the faster wearing of the drive, that’s why such an option wasn’t implemented in the first place.

  2. Do we really need a recycle bin on our flash drive? I mean when you are dumping your data in the so called RECYCLE BIN FOR FLASH DRIVE, it is actually sitting still on your pen drive.

    But it is interesting.

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