ICQ, the popular instant messaging platform, offers a Social Messaging client – seamlessly integrating a quick and easy communication experience with real-time updates from content sharing sites and top social networks like Facebook , Youtube, Flickr and Twitter.


The latest version, ICQ 7, presents an optimal integration between the users’ personal communication tool and their online social activities. Side by side with the ICQ Contact List, users can find a separate tab of real-time feeds and updates from their friends in various social networks. You are no longer needed to open a browser and log into each and every network you are a member in, from now on it’s all in your ICQ. You can also comment on your friends updates from within ICQ and your comments will be posted on the relevant social network automatically.


The major change I see in this latest version of ICQ, is the user interface. The UI has improved a great deal and the software is fully compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 7.

ICQ 7 – New Features

  • My Status: Status updates made on ICQ can be automatically posted in ICQ’s contacts accounts and also to the user’s supported social networks. The new status line on ICQ also allows a quick and easy sharing of pictures and links.
  • Feeds from Friends: updates made by user’s friends on leading social networks and content sharing sites appear in real time in the Feeds from Friends tab on the contact list. The user can comment on these updates directly from his/her ICQ and the comment will appear also in the relevant social network/site. ICQ users can see updates from all their friends in the various social networks, not just from friends that have ICQ.
  • My Box: the “My Box” tab on the ICQ Contact List is the place where ICQ users get all notifications of their personal online activity – who commented on my status and in which site, who liked the photos I uploaded and more.
  • New User Profile: ICQ 7 presents a fuller user profile both within the software and as a Web page. The user profile is the place where users can express themselves and show their unique personality by sharing pictures and concentrating all of their social updates in one single page. Additionally, the new user profile allows ICQ users to view their friends’ contact lists and add new people to their own contact list, thereby increasing their circle of friends.
  • Picture-Sharing Tool: a new application for sharing pictures with friends, providing quick, fun and unique sharing and browsing options.
  • Faster, Lighter: ICQ 7 performance has been vastly improved with installation time reduced by nearly 50% and requested space for installation reduced approximately by 30%.

Download ICQ 7

Download ICQ 7 here
Note that this works on Windows only (all versions ) and requires almost 50 MB of disk space.

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