A new Spanish Microsoft related blog has posted some exclusive leaked screenshots of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Demo installer, which gives enough proof about the service pack coming to a completion in near future.

I was hoping the news of Windows 7 SP1 is just a rumor, but then the screenshots below almost confirms the existence of such a thing in reality. The blog revealed that

“Microsoft will send in the coming weeks a demo preview of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 which is expected in late 2010 and July to selected testers (possibly both Tester and SP1 for the final version of Office 2010 dates coming very similar, although it now appears that Office 2010 will be advanced a few weeks!,”

The blog also says that the total number of updates in the current build of Service Pack 1 is around 150, these updates bring the Windows 7 compilation build number between: 7600.20500 and 20,700.

The blog has done well in watermarking its images to make sure they get the deserved credits for the leak and I am sure you will somehow manage to see the content of the images amidst the repeating watermarks!

Windows 7 SP 1 Leaked Screenshots


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