There seems to be no end to the rumors/leaks with regards to the Apple Event scheduled to be held on 27th Jan 2010 in San Francisco. First it was about the release of Apple Tablet and now it is about iPhone OS 4.0 features!

Folks over at BGR have been having a dream run when it comes to exclusive news leaks and yet again they have got hold of exclusive list of features of iPhone 4.0 firmware. The next iPhone firmware is rumored to be very close, if not same as the OS on the rumored Apple Tablet. It is said to include multitouch gestures OS wide, multitasting (phew! finally!), lots of UI changes including a refreshed homescreen and more syncing options for the native contacts and calendar apps.


iPhone 4.0 OS Features

Here are the features exactly as detailed by BGR-

  • There will be multi-touch gestures OS-wide. (Would make sense for that as the rumored OS for the iTablet is close if not the same as the iPhone)
  • “A few new ways” to run applications in the background — multitasking.
  • Many graphical and UI changes to make navigating through the OS easier and more efficient. We haven’t had this broken down, but we can only hope for improved notifications, a refreshed homescreen, etc.
  • The update will supposedly be available for only the iPhone 3G and 3GS, but will “put them ahead in the smartphone market because it will make them more like full-fledged computers” more than any other phone to date. Everyone is “really excited.”
  • The last piece of information is the most vague, but apparently there will be some brand new syncing ability for the contacts and calendar applications.

Let us hope these rumors turn out to be true yet again!


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