Here at TechPP, we make a conscious effort to cover as many useful online tools as we can and here is one such web tool – PDFmyURL. It is a simple, one-function site that converts any live Web site into a static PDF file on any operating system, and without any complexity whatsoever.

I tested the service on a couple of websites and the PDF gets generated instantly and the quality being top notch. There were very few (and minor) alignment issues. In case you would like to use this tool quite often, you can also grab the bookmarklet from the front page.


Click the “Advanced Options” on the right, and you’ll learn how to pull off PDF production without even visiting the site, embed advanced options, and even run PDFmyURL from your own server. For a free-to-use service, the documentation provided is top notch.

In case you are wondering why you would need to save any webpage as a PDF, I can think of these reasons – offline reading, archiving, sticking on PDF friendly readers etc. The best use though, is to use it to access blocked websites! If you are a webmaster you can use this service to check if your website/blog is loading properly from a different location!

Check out PDFmyURL

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