Finding new working ways for anonymous browsing is always a challenge, especially in countries like China where the government itself takes the initiative to block websites and also services that promise to provide means to access blocked websites.

There is a new way for you to browse the internet freely and luckily it is FREE as well! PaperBus is the latest ad-supported free web-browser proxy solution from the makers of commercial VPN service Freedur

PaperBus is pretty slick and easy to use. The best thing about the service is that it is really fast and requires no registration whatsoever. All you have to do is just download the Windows/Mac/Linux PaperBus proxy-client app and you are all set to browse the net anonymously from almost any web-browser, avoiding all the prying eyes including the Great Firewall.

Normally, the free proxy solutions are very slow, and do not load AJAX or java script heavy sites. Most of them do not support HTTPS connections and the application itself is usually bloated with ads. But PaperBus works like a charm – its fast, easy-to-use and seamless. There will be an odd popup of an ad every twenty minutes or so, but then it is Free!


PaperBus was launched 21st of January 2010 and hopes to become a serious contender to Hotspot Shield, Ultrasurf, Tor, NotMyIP and other free online anonymity applications. It works both for Internet Explorer and Firefox. I hope PaperBus stays on as a viable free solution similar to other Free VPN services available.

Download PaperBus Proxy Client

As specified earlier, PaperBus is available for Windows, Linux and Mac. You can download any of the client from the below location

Download PaperBus


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  • Ramling

    Actually, this app is endorsed without much research…This app is having serious bugs and can be found from their website. Have u actually used it before endorsing???

    We come to ur site to know about good things. Please do not frustrate us.

    Hope u’ll allow this comment visible in ur blog.

    • Raju

      We will never block a genuine comment. Before you accuse an app of having serious bugs, please point them out. If you are talking about Firefox add-on issues, this post on their forum has the solution. Personally, it worked like a charm for me. Any other bug can be discussed on their forums and I see that the site admin their is quite active and replies to all the queries instantly.

  • Sven Hoodridge

    Wow this works great! Much, much smoother than hotspotshield, thanks!

  • Nihar

    Thanks for sharing this Raju.

    Will try this now.

  • Nik

    This app is simular with UltraSurf,supported two browsers,not only IE like with US, also NO .deb support for Ubuntu.Thanks for sharing!

  • Vaishakh

    is it safe in Oman (A middle east country)?????????????????????


    This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chunli

    Doesnt let me download the program anymore (at least from China)… Other recomendations??

  • chien

    Hi! I love your posts! Especially the free VPN services listed here. It lets me alert on what to use since I am in search for the best. Keep up the good work! (PS) I already downloaded paperbus but doubts if I should install it or not, now that I have your feedback, I will have it a try! Thanks. =)

  • Allan

    I have this problem, when i installed it on my pc, it worked well with the IE, but one time when i turned on my pc, i tried to uninstall it, then after uninstalling i can’t get in to any sites, even in google crome… How or why did that happened..? Please help..?

  • gohar

    Hello raju thanks for sharing i hopw it will work at my office they have recently banned facebook and other social networks by blue coast is this possible to open that??

  • XTC

    This doesn’t work in China

  • Danny

    I just installed Paperbus and it worked for me in China. It was super simple.

    • Raju

      Great to know that Danny!

  • Alexander

    The site is gone by now. Too bad…

  • Confused

    How do I get a username and password?

  • olivia

    how can i get the username and password? why didnt it show the on button??