Techcrunch seems to be hacked. At first there were some smilies, but now there is a link back to dupedb (do not visit the site) with the anchor text reading “rapidshare downloads”.

The last update from the official Twitter account @TechCrunch was about 1.5 hours back and no updates yet related to the hack. Thios one looks more like a hack than hijack (Difference between hack and hijack)


We are trying to get in touch with Arrington and others, will confirm the news soon.

Update 1: Now it just says “hi” without a link back. No official updates from TC via Twitter/Facebook

Update 2: MG Seigler says on Twitter TC is aware of the situation and working towards it

Update 3: Ahh… now the message “We’ll be back shortly”. Hope they have got back the access now.

Update 4: Cool! It’s back for good! That was super quick, isn’t it? Impressive! Now let us wait for an official post from TC!

Update 5: Finally a post about the hack on TechCrunch. They are yet to reveal the reason behind the hack. Check the below screenshot


Normally, the number which comes in the URL after the comment is left, indicates total number of comments on the blog. It now says 104(!!) Is something wrong with their database? Or am I reading too much into it?

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6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Is TechCrunch Hacked? [Updated]

  1. Good find Raju.

    Serves a guy right really. Arrington has to be one of the biggest jerks I have ever known.

    Met him once. No desire to do it again. I just have an overwhelming desire to punch him in the stomach. But I digress.

    • haha! That’s tough to prove who was first! I just “believe” I was first as per what happened on Twitter and later via Google search results. Doesn’t matter much, isn’t it?! Welcome to TechPP John 🙂

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