Now that the Apple Tablet storm has settled, it is important to set aside the rumors, expectations and wishes and look at the reality of what Apple iPad actually has to offer and more importantly, what it lacks.

Apple iPad seems to offer almost everything you hoped for in a tablet – let me list them down for better reading


  • Rich user interface,
  • multi-touch computing,
  • high speed processor,
  • eBook and eReader capabilities,
  • rich web browsing & mail reading,
  • high quality photo & video playback,
  • ability to download and use millions of applications,
  • Word processing, spreadsheet and slideshow functionality,
  • Calendar, contact and data syncing

Sounds like a complete package. Isn’t it? If we dig further, we find so many things missing from the final package.

Apple iPad: What it lacks?

1. No Multi-tasking

Being someone who graduated from Apple’s school of iPhone and iPod Touch, I know exactly how important this feature is. With a 1GHz processor and something which Steve Jobs commented as ‘better than netbooks’, unavailability of Muti-tasking is a BIG FAIL.

2. No Flash support


I feel like I am writing an extension post of iPhone limitations. Everyone except Steve Jobs fail to comprehend the reason behind snubbing Adobe Flash support in Apple devices! With the screen size this big, seeing no flash plugin block in every other web page sucks big time. The above snapshot was taken during the presentation yesterday by engadget. Isn’t it embarrassing yet, Mr. Steve? Rich Web browsing – yeah right!

3. No Full GPS


There were lots of articles written about how Apple iPad is a perfect companion for travelers! Are you sure? The Wi-Fi-only versions flat out have no GPS support whatsoever. The 3G versions though, have Assisted GPS, which makes use of the cellular connection to help pinpoint your location. This would mean that, if you are somewhere with zero or poor connectivity, don’t even bother to use your iPad GPS.

4. No USB Port

Even those useless netbooks which Steve was referring to have USB support. Instead, this ultimate entertainment device mandates us to use a special custom dock connector to connect our cameras and other gadgets. In simple terms, this means you won’t be able to plug in an external USB keyboard you already own without buying a separate USB adapter.

5. No built-in Camera

The iPhone has a camera, the MacBook has a camera and heck, even the new iPod Nano has a camera. So, what about the iPad? Hell NO, don’t bother to try video chat, video conference or even grabbing a quick pic to upload to your Facebook profile. You just can’t.

6. No User-Replaceable Battery

Steve Jobs claims that the iPad will come with an impressive 10 hours of battery life and a full month of stand-by time. Pretty cool, but as with the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and the latest MacBooks, the iPad battery comes sealed in the case, and there’s no way to swap in a new one yourself.

7. No HDMI Out

This one though, will not be a shock for many. Apple has failed to support HDMI in any of its other products and same holds good for iPad, a device meant to be an ultimate entertainment gadget! Even to get video out at all, you’ll need a proprietary Dock to VGA adapter, which obviously limits you to VGA resolutions!

8. No widescreen

You can double tap during a movie to see it in either fullscreen or widescreen. But this widescreen is not wide enough! The tablet’s resolution tops out at 1024 x 768, which falls into the 4:3 standard definition range and not the glorious, widescreen 16:9 high definition aspect ratio we’ve come to know and love.

9. AT&T only for 3G

Steve Jobs announced that the tablet will be sold unlocked and got a huge cheer from the gathering. Soon after he announced an exclusive deal with AT&T for the 3G service. AT&T is already being unable to cope with the 3G data usage of the iPhone. This sure isn’t going to help things. The iPad’s 3G modem supports UMTS/HSDPA 850/1900/2100MHz and GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 MHz bands which rules out T-Mobile’s 3G band which runs on 1700MHz.

10. Apple iPad – the Name

iPad? Of all the possible names, I had really hoped this wouldn’t be it. iPad is already the butt of many jokes, specially hygiene ones.

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15 thoughts on “Apple iPad or iBad? What it Lacks?

  1. 1. This is not for Multi Tasking its not a full desktop computer. There is no need for multi task.

    2. Flash support will come soon from Adobe. Apple don’t control what Adobe do.

    3. YES THERE IS!!! Most apps work from the iPhone. So that means many GPS apps such as TOM TOM.

    4. Yes there is with the connecter that comes with the iPad in the box.

    5. Why would you want a camera, this would only make it larger and heavier, again this is not a desktop.

    6. Swapping any internal systems yourself would void warranty. Want a new battery take it to the Apple Store.

    7. HDMI out will come out using the 10pin connection. Just like you can just connecters with the Macbooks mini port for HDMI use.

    8. Oh nooooo its not wide screen… not that it matters you still get HD movie quality.

    9. Speed of up to 7.6mb will do me just fine thanks!

    10. Love the name!

    Do your research before talking rubbish…

    • Hi Allen, I would have appreciated if you had left your original mail id, now it looks more like a spam comment 😉 Anyway, you proved that you are an Apple fanboy with the very first line! “no need for multi-task”?? LOL! No comments
      As for the flash, check out the blog post from Adobe to understand the situation better ––_a_broken_link.html
      Tom Tom doesn’t come free, even then, it shouldn’t matter much if there are apps available or not, when the functionality is not supported at the base
      I would not like to reply to other points anyway 🙂

  2. Warning… Lookout for the Apple fanboy!

    1. Lol, what? Even my crappy phone and my laptop (from 1993!) has multi tasking, any your saying this DON’T need it?

    2. Apple will do all it can to make sure Flash wont work with the iPad

    3. Does TomTom work if the iPad doesn’t have GPS support?

    4. Still, why not make it built-in? Now you need to have this “connecter” with you all the time.

    5. lol, what? Please say that again! “even the new iPod Nano has a camera” iPod Nano is big? NO, iPod Nano is heavy? NO. what was your reason it shouldn’t have a camera again?

    6. So you like to pay lot’s of $$ when you could buy the battery yourself and replace it, easy?

    7. Again look at #4. You need to pay Apple lot’s of $$ to get the damn “connector” and you need to have lot’s of extra “connectors” with you to get the iPad to work properly.

    8. Yeah, and HD movie quality is nice on a small screen?

    9. It’s a fine speed to browse, but you can’t download anything because AT&T will “ask” you to use less bandwidth.

    10. WHAT???????? “iPad”, why not “iWeCouldn’tNotFindOnABetterNameWith”i”InFrontSoWeJustCallItThis”

  3. Yeah… Like a webcam would add more than a decagram to the weight… Apple just speaks nonsense, and hopes yankees eat that crap and buy their shiz…

  4. Raju, thanks for giving us the points that lacks. I knew that the biggest problem is No Multi Tasking… But now i know that there are more problems…

  5. I totally agree with you Raju. This device is a huge fail. No doubt about it. Nice post.

    Expectations post CES2010 were set so high the iPad was destined to fail. They just underestimated the competition. Other companies within the industry brought their a-game and it shows. By Q3 this year there will be a slew of new devices on the market as well. And consumers and journalists and blogger alike, overestimated what the iPad was actually going to be and what type of functionality it would include.

    I have a tabletkiosk that I bought for $450USD that truly puts thing thing to shame.

  6. It seems everyone is forgetting that a tablet is for … handwriting … and I don’t see anybody looking for handwriting recognition tools … only for multimedia stuff … like wanting a stretching screen to see hd videos and so on … it’s insane … maybe they’re looking for a huge ipod … not for a tablet …

  7. First i-tablet has be revealed yesterday but surprisingly not by apple,
    it supports multitasking ,flash vids and i tablet frm apple will have this too,check out

  8. Hi Raju,
    This post seems very informative for me as am going to give technical seminar for final year engg on ipad topic. Thanks for providing such good information.

  9. Man I was having an argument with a friend who is a Apple Fan boy and your article was just the cannon fodder I needed, But alas it’s like preaching to the choir. There is no reasoning with them, and no logic in their arguments.

  10. We hope that other products must be much, much better….the issue here is that IPad is a novelty, with flaws of course. If it would be perfect, then this blog wouldn’t exist, and much worse, no room for improvements….
    I appreciate the innovation, and the opportunity it presents for others to make and propose a better model than this.
    So far, I’ m really happy with my IPad, it’s a bit heavy to my test, but I certainly don’t miss the camera, nor other connectivities…..

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