Apple fanboys, please excuse! Found this photo really funny and meaningful at the same time. Looks like this guy is from who is making his point in front of Buena Gardens Apple event yesterday!



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3 thoughts on “Entering Apple Restriction Zone [Geeky Fun]

  1. No free software? The App store is loaded with thousands of free titles.

    No installing apps from the web? Like the last thing I want is a bunch of malware and viruses. So I can’t run the latest trojan or share in the pleasures of feeding a botnet. boohoo.

    Remotely disable? See above. Seen plenty of other devices remotely disabled by the above problems. So far, mean old evil Steve hasn’t done anything to my stuff.

    No sharing music or books? Got all sorts of music and books on my iPod touch that were shared by and with friends.

    Okay, looks like the freetards are the lying, full-of-s**t, trying to control what other people do kooks they’ve always been.

    How’s that freetard iPhone project going, kids?

    Beautiful! Glorious!

    I think this freetard should put down the sign and go try inventing something worthy of being patented or copyrighted.

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