The title might sound ridiculous, but surprisingly enough, it is true! A Japanese company has unveiled a machine which would shred the useless office paper and then transform it into toilet paper!

It shreds the paper, which is then dissolved in water, thinned out, dried and wound into toilet rolls


If you found the news funny, the name of this unique machine must knock you off the chair! It is named White Goat!! The White Goat stands 1.8m tall and weighs 600kg. It’s been in development for years and will go on sale in Japan this summer.

The company says it costs around 10 cents to churn out 1 roll, and regular usage of this machine will save up to 60 cedar trees annually. Quite cool isn’t it? But wait, can you guess the cost of the machine? Hold your breath – it is $100,000.

Pop in 40 sheets of regular paper, and a half-hour later, out comes a roll of toilet paper. Check out the video proof below

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