It’s been just over a month since we completed our Mega Christmas Giveaway where we gave away free genuine licenses of more than 30 high quality premium software products worth more than $40k!! Now, we are back for more, but this time, in partnership with 4Free Community, an upcoming community weblog which has been responsible to spot some of the cool software promotions across the web.

Spotting the software promotions is not the only good thing I like about 4Free, but the genuine effort that goes into reviewing the product in-and-out. Though the website was started by 4 people, it has gradually grown into a community of tech enthusiasts who constantly strive to help one another within and outside the community. TechPP and 4Free have always had friendly relations and mutual admiration, and hence when they approached me with an offer of ‘Shared Giveaway’, I instantly accepted it with open arms. A website with good intentions must get all the support and 4Free deserves more and more quality readers via site like ours.

Glary Utilities Pro – 50 Lifetime Free Licenses


Coming to the actual giveaway, Glary Utilities Pro from Glarysoft is a premium, powerful and top all-in-one utility to fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. Yes, this is the same software we had given away during the Mega Christmas Giveaway campaign. In case you were not one of those 30 winners, here we present yet another chance to win a lifetime free license of Glary Utilities Pro, courtesy, 4Free and Glarysoft!

In case you want to know more about the software being given away, we had done a brief preview of Glary Utilities, including the features, specifications & advantages of the software.


Now coming to the rules,
1. Leave a comment below this post confirming your interest to win a free lifetime license of Glary Utilities Pro worth $40. A sensible comment telling what you like or why you like Glary Utilities would be nice.

2. 50 lucky winners will be randomly chosen on a date which will be announced soon and further details will be mailed to them personally.

That’s it! Feel free to promote this giveaway, so that more and more people get a chance to win a free license of a quality software product.

Thanks 4Free!!

Update: This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be contacted soon.


Raju is the founder-editor of Technology Personalized. A proud geek and an Internet freak, who is also a social networking enthusiast. You can follow him on Facebook and on Twitter. Mail Raju PP. Follow rajupp


  • Jason Averbook

    As a CEO of an organization, your beta products have already helped our organization tremendously.

  • Linu

    Hello, Please consider me. I like the 1 click maintenance as its a set it and forget to clean up windows. thanks.

  • Cindy Johnson

    Looks like it would be great software to have as another tool in the arsenal. I would love a license to Glary Pro.

  • tal shl

    It is great offer, please count me in that.
    Thank you very much

  • easydoweb

    The best 1-Click Maintenance function clean up my pc without any trouble! enjoy =)

  • Martin

    One hell of a great maintenance program at one hell of a great price, can’t beat it!

  • kamal

    FTW 4free!!! I would love to win a license, hope I get lucky….

  • Nihar

    I like the one click maintenance.

    Count me in…

  • kypros

    everything can be found in one place.. the ultimate all-in-one.. count me in :)

  • Mayank

    Glary Utilities is an indispensable toolkit for computer maintenance. The 1-click maintenance ability of Glary Utilities is wonderful. I would like to own a pro edition.

  • Ryszard

    This is very nice program.One click just ROCKS!!I love to have one..

  • Maxwell

    Great Software. Great Offer. Help me keep my system clear.
    Thank you very much.

  • paf

    Hi Raju, thanks a lot for this opportunity to win an excellent software. Glary free is already a reliable and trustful software, so the pro version must be even better. Please count me in. Thanks in advance.

  • loretta

    Thank you
    Thats what i need!!!!!!

  • Sai

    wow, another giveaway. I love to get pro version for this one. Please, let me in. Glary is one of my fav utility since the first time I found this software.

  • ichi

    Used Glary Utilities to fix my application errors
    Pri is better, thank you

  • AnnaB

    I’d love to win a Glary Utilities Pro since I use the free one and it offers many useful options to optimize Windows.

    Thank you


  • Susan

    Hi, I would love to have a key for this. My Daughter has Glary pro and reccomended it.
    I really like that the company is offering their software as a lifetime licence, and the feature set is very comprehensive.

    Thanks for this chance to win it :)

  • joel

    # Automatic care in background
    # Optimize, clean and boost the speed of your Windows.
    # Protect your privacy and security.
    # Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc.
    # Fix certain application errors.

  • RafaelCapucci

    wow, sounds interesting…

  • bob

    Glary Utilities Pro is just a great bit of software. it is one of the few utility suites that is totally trustworthy & does the job that it is suposed to do!

  • Mike

    I would love to win one for my daughter. She could use a clean-up tool for her computer.

  • Chris

    Due to my myriad computer needs, I usually end up trying out multiple programs, installing and running them to see if they meet my requirements. I’ve heard very good things about Glary Utilities, and I think the Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer and Startup Manager in particular will be extraordinarily helpful to me. So here’s hoping I’m lucky enough to win a pro license.


    become crazy with muliple application to use fix my computer problem

  • Ban

    I wish to win one more license which I can install on my other machine.

    Thank you, Raju.

  • sigma

    Simply, this is the best software for maintenance of PC, and the only one that I use.I was never disappointed with Glary ,while with competetive programms I had always issues which sometimes led to a complete disaster of my PC.When asked by friends for a good utility program, I just say Glary.That’s all what you really need. Please count me in.

  • Harris

    i have been using the free version of glary utilities for some time. the main difference that i can see is the privacy scan and clean up. as i am not a big fan of 1-click maintenance, the scheduled clean up does not interest me. i have also been using iobit advanced system care pro which does a privacy scan but the ads and hype turn me off. i would like to have a license for glary utilities pro to make a comparison of the two programs.
    as an aside raju, thanks for the great site and i look forward to your tips and info…harris

  • HN


    I am currently using CCleaner & I am curious how Glary Utilities Pro performs.

    I would definitely like to win one of the licenses.

    Please include me in this giveaway.

    Thank you!

  • lorna

    Great program to keep my pc running nice and smooth with a whole bunch of useful all in one utilities.

  • Charles Cox

    I would really love to win a copy of this software, thanks for putting me in the contest.

  • humprey

    As a freelance PC technician, part of what I do is download and try a lot of different software from the internet; and it involves a lot of installing and uninstalling. With this utility, it can ensure that I have my computer up and running well despite a lot of junk being left out by other software installers. This would definitely be a great utility to have! Hope to get this one.

  • macmaan

    very light and easy to use , have always liked to have one missed the last time! was not that lucky, so hope this time i can win one

  • Akane

    Glary Utilities Pro is one of my the most favorite system software. I used its freeware version in the past and I was really satisfied. i hope I will have the lifetime Glary Utilities Pro. Thanks for your giveaway.

  • mikey

    Glary Utilities is one of my favorite.
    Glad if have the chance to use the pro version.
    Appreciate this giveaways.

  • Hans

    I’m using Glary Utilities-free and I admire the quality is excellent. It’s very safe for my computer.
    Hope I’m lucky enough to win the this giveaway, thanks Raju and 4Free.

  • hkw

    Glary Utitilies Pro is a very simple and easy to use tool which can fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. It also optimizes the performance of your computer and customize your system to suit your needs. Most important of all, it protects your privacy and it is a Lifetime License giveaway. That’s why I like to join in this giveaway contest and hope I can win the license.
    Many thanks to TechPP and 4Free Community for these kinds of promotions and giveaways and hope similar events can also be held in the furture!

  • Ashwin

    The best part of Glary utilities is it deletes passwords that you have entered while browsing. Like emails,social networking,etc. So its a great way to keep your privacy. Glary utilities is a safe to use, easy to handle and a must have tool for every computer in the world.
    I use the free version and love it

  • chuck

    Love this program-It never wrecked my XP and my buddy says it runs fine on his Win7.I’d love to have a copy for my new 7 since I didn’t win any of the previous contests.Thanks for another great opportunity!!

  • gusminho

    nice giveaway raju
    i hope i have a little luck to wins one

  • Shi

    Like this program be great to win pro version

  • jeo

    id love to win cuz my comp is slow and has files that i cannot track down and delete..i think this will help.

    i have a game installed in my comp, and i think glary utilities would help getting the bad stuff out.

    i really really need one please and thank you

  • Lee

    I have used this program as a free version at home and can highly recommend it. Like me if you want a maintenance solution that is simple, easy, and does not require in depth computer knowledge I highly recommend this. I would love to win a free lifetime pro license. This is a great program that is a cinch to use. Thanks 4free and TechPP and Glarysoft for this promotion! Please count me in…

  • louman578

    Excelent giveaway…

    I’m feeling lucky!

  • Shi

    Oops forgot to say why like program. Having the most useful utilities (such as reg cleaner, mem booster) in one program makes for quick and easy cleaning of system.

  • ck

    wow!! i would like to win 1 licensse to optimize my notebook.

  • Siam

    Hi Raju. This is a great giveaway, so thank you. I have used the free version of Glary Utilities for a number of years now, and it has never let me down. It is one of my program staples and is always among those first installed on my operating system. It would be great to be able to upgrade to the Pro version. I hope you will count me in for this offer.

  • Nic

    I’ve been using Glary Utilities freeware for some time and it’s great. It stands out in a very crowded utilities market. I’d like to try the Pro version, would be great to win.

  • sharath

    hi raju
    a very good software i am currently using gary utilities given from gotd
    i very happy for participating in this giveaway

  • Dinesh

    I want it bcos it will be more than enough for me to tune up my system as my computer is behaving little crazy & ur giveaway can help me ,thanks in advance.

  • Pratik Daga

    Hey Raju thanks for bringing up this great offer in conjunction with 4free team!

    I currently own TuneUp Utils 2010 and I think Glary Utilities would be a great pair with it for keeping my PC in top shape…

    Thank you and please count me in ….

  • Misao

    Great giveaway Raju. I’ve never use this soft before but i like its GUI and i want to have one for my comp.

  • Frankie

    This is a great program that can maintain my PC in one click. Not like other utilities which can easy to mess up my PC, this one really can improve computer performance safety.

    I wish I can win a license. Thank you.

  • django

    Have been using the highly reliable simple and easy to use free version,which also never crashed my sytem unlike a few others. They tend to find large numbers of errors to fix and makes ones system unstable. So would definately love to win this pro licence giveaway and help protect my pc . Thank you very much for giving us this oppotunity.

  • Granny

    Love to have one for my daughter’s system.. This program is one of the best for inexperienced users.

    Good luck to everyone.

  • fff

    Now I using it..i will be glad to get the lifetime license.. 😛

  • Antony

    Thank You For Your Generous offer
    I Need it To Tune Up My Old Pc

  • David

    I like Glary Utilities because of the application error fixes and the shortcut remover.

  • SambaSivaRaju

    Thanks for the nice giveaway. Am currently using freeware and would love to have licensed version.

  • amon

    This is one of the widows best tweak utility ever. It helps to optimize, speed up and clean your system, for this I want it to help improve my system.


  • Des

    Thanks for this nice opportunity.
    I’ve always enjoyed Glary’s ease of use so please include me in the draw.

  • Willy

    I use the Glary Utilities Free version now.
    Hope to get Lifetime license for Pro version.

    Thanks & Regards

  • AlvinG

    Cool… currently I am still get used some manual process by go to Window option and directory for do some clean up (As the software is too costly if I got bought one). Hope with this full lifetime license, it just get tune up what I done so far.

  • Legaz

    Count me to. THX

  • harfiyanto

    count me in

  • Fern

    I like Glary utilities because it’s user-friendly,light and fast cleaning. One thing for sure is that the spyware removal is a n extra feature that we won’t get in Ccleaner.Besides cleaning computer, the tweaking options is easy and safe to use too.

  • Luisc

    I am using the free version (for years) I would be really nice if I can get the lifetime license. Count me in Please

  • miguelgin

    I like Glary utilities because it’s easy to use,light and fast cleaning. im using Ccleaner together with tune up utilities in my system but i wanna try this one..


  • ha14

    All in one utility and I like the duplicate files search ability which is accurate.

  • Sajith

    Please consider me also.Thank you

  • Jay

    I like all the features of glary utilities and i like to keep it for a lifetime. Glarys utilities is a must have in my pc. I hope i could have a pro license. Thanks

  • techandlife

    I’d like to win a copy of Glary Utilities Pro. I’ve heard it recommended by Carey Holzman of the Computer America radio show and the Tech Vets podcast.

  • Clay

    This is a nice giveaway. I have only used Glary’s for only a few months, but the different utilities in it are amazing. If the free version is this great, the pro version must be excellent!

  • suwen

    I would like to win a copy.


  • StephenZ

    So why would I need Glary? It’s a simple question. I’ve got a 8 year-old machine whose 80 GB HDD is almost full and which is, as you might imagine, sloooowww! As I’m not a computer expert the only thing that helps me with the painfully task of removing unnecessary clutter is this program. So it would be really, really nice to have a genuine copy :)

    P.S. Keep up with a good work Raju!

  • Max_Payne

    Nice tool, I appreciate scan speed and the precision of results obtained.

  • Alex Garcia

    I have been using Glary Utilities Free for the past 2 months.Since I had a good experience using it, I would definitely like to upgrade.So count me in.
    Thanks for the generosity…

  • shan

    Glary Utilities Pro is a useful utility for a home user like me. It is well-desigend and easy to use e.g its one-click maintenance scan.
    Please count me in. Thanks.

  • yoo

    Please count me in… I would like to win a license for Glary Utilities Pro.

    In this moment, I use the free version of Glary Utilities, but I would like to try the Pro version. It’s a great tool for tweaking my computer.

    Thanks for this great contest and good luck to everyone!

  • breezer

    I love this program beats [advanced systemcare pro] by leaps and bounds i wood love to have the pro version of Glary Utilities please im in for a chance to win.

  • MAx Payne

    I have always found Glary’s utilities a reliable and safe cleaner for my PC. The free version has many tools that assist in cleaning out your PC and having it running smoothly. I have always used its startup manager to ensure no unnecessary or suspect programs are attmepting to force thier way into starting with my PC. I appreciate the opportunity to obtain a free copy of the pro version of this great software.

  • i d

    Nice and easily usable software.Count me also.

  • Billy

    Nice giveaway, hope to get one. Thanks!

  • MerleOne

    I like the small footprint of Glary on my system, and would very much like a pro version.

  • fredericmartin

    Thanks for the contest, Glary utilities is egulary updated and the antispyware engine included is helpful to get rid of unwanted malwares that the registry cleaner cant repair it.

  • Jason

    Thank you for this great offer. :)

    Please count me in.

  • Abhishek

    Glary Utilities Pro is one of the best tweaking and optimization utilities supporting a wide range of essential features. Great giveaway. Thanks to Raju & 4Free community.

  • shubh

    i want to join this.plz count me in also.
    in this all needed things in one place. its feature is superior.
    this is amzing offer.
    plz count me in .

  • amon

    I failed to get it during the days of giveaway in Dec. But I hope to get it this time, Glary Utilities is one of the best windows tweaking program ever. It speeds up, optimizes and cleans your computer and provides better performance. that’s way I like it most.

    Thanks for giving it out again.

  • Michal

    Hi and first of all thanks for this great giveaway!
    In my opinion, Glary Utilities represents a milestone in the development of “pc-tuning”-software!
    It has a nice GUI, but even nicer features (especially I like the 1-click-maintenance. Yes, I know, TuneUp has the same feature but I think the guys from Glary Utilities have realised that feature more efficiently!)
    At the moment I have to softwares installed for keeping my pc running smoothly:
    CCleaner ist great, but it hasn’t enaugh features. TuneUp is ok, but there is lot space for improvements, Glary Utilities would be superb! 😉
    SO please, count me in for that giveaway!
    Thanks again & best wishes

  • Kaushik Srinivasan

    Great Software. Great Giveaway.
    I am using Glary Utilities free version. The 1-Click Maintenance is wonderful. Glary Utilities cleans disks, cleans registry, fixes shortcuts, manages uninstalls, manages Start Ups, optimizes memory, Defrags Registry, Erases Tracks, Undeletes Files, Finds Duplicates and Empty Folders and many more. It is the Ultimate user-friendly software for computer maintenance. I would love to win a free copy of the Pro version. Count me in.

  • Rafah

    count me in…

  • taniadenise

    hi, i would like win one key..

  • Gils

    Hmmm, nice offer… if possible i want one key.

  • SPFC…

    wow sounds interesting ….

    including me in please

  • relly

    Well,this is really good in keeping your pc healthy, i’ve been using the free version and it’s really very useful, specially the one click maintenance, plus the useful tools that goes with it,but it will really be great,if i can get the pro version,i hope i’ll win one lic. thanks alot……

  • Saw…

    nice offer…

  • Djaks

    please give me a chance

  • joulK


    thanks and count me in too

  • Siraj Patel

    Hello, thanks for this offer. So far, I am using freeware system utilities. But I will be glad if I win a license of a commercial program such as Glary Utilities Pro.

  • STE90

    HMmm thank you!

  • STE90

    Glary Utilities Pro + CCleaner are the bests softwares to clean computer

  • parvez

    give me chance to win this software

  • John

    Can you say 1 Click Maintenance!!! What more needs to be said!

  • Murphy

    Why I want to win a license ? For my parents computer.
    About software …. I think others have already told everything.
    Congratulations for this Giveaway Raju and 4Free Team .
    Best regards !

  • k19s

    Hi, i need a powerful application which can help repair and improve the performance of my computer, as my computer is starting to crash again.

    Hope I win one


  • coolczone

    Surely I culd use one.

  • coolczone

    I love an all in one tool as glary. This will save me time and money

  • Lakshmi


    Pls consider me too.. I have been using vista for over a year & it always hangs up on me. I do suppose this sw can solve my probs…

  • Marie Triplett

    I must admit am not familiar with this program, but desperatly NEED it,, am having serious system problems. Thank you, if you will give a copy to me

  • acatatease

    An excellent tool that does help keep a machine running better.

  • yakup

    I like Glary utilities because it’s user-friendly,light and fast cleaning. One thing for sure is that the spyware removal is a n extra feature that we won’t get in Ccleaner.Besides cleaning computer, the tweaking options is easy and safe to use too.

  • James

    Please enroll me in this Glary Utilities Pro Licenses giveaway.

    Thank you very much.

  • Budd

    Hello and thanks for the opportunity to win a lifetime license for Glary Utilities. Id like a license because this software is one of if not the best all around maintenace app. Ive had it before, but after a hard drive crash and some computer trouble, its lost and gone forever. and as we all know free is much better than paying. But…I like this software so much that if Im not lucky enough to win Ill have to collect some cans to save up and buy it.

  • David

    Reliable, easy to use. Recommended.

    I like the neat context menu manager.

  • DiMa

    Give me one,I use free version
    pro would be perfect


  • soon

    Wow, there are so many comments here. Please exclude me as I already got from 4free team quite a moment ago.I couldnt express how I like about Glary utilities but i think its a great contrast to Advanced System Care Pro which done some damaging cleaning to my Pc before although I still respect ASC as a favourite cleaner for many others so far. But, it certainly couldnt compare to Glary utilities which never give me trouble, clean traces, including tracking cookies perfectly for me. If really want to express the cons of Glary, al I could think of is the interface which is not much different from last 2 years(I forgot the version number, but as I remember is that I use it even before it being recommended by Cnet). I am not very care how versatile could the other cleaners be, but most important thing is to clean safe and perfect-which Glary did, ASC once did and perhaps which I have no opportunity to try longer.

  • Vandreren

    I use the free Glary Utilities. It’s an excellent tool box! Would love to use the Pro!


    I am interested to win a free lifetime license of Glary Utilities Pro.
    I was using another free alternative for a long time (CCleaner), but after I discovered Glary Utilities, I would like to use it… It has a lot more options, and so far- I didn’e experience any problems after using Glary Utilities…

  • bowlby4

    I use the free version and love it. Would like the Pro version. The one click maintenance is great.

  • kwood

    Count me in. The best part about Glary Utilities is 1-Click Maintenance function.

  • himmi

    i use the free version please give me a chance for use the pro version.

  • mess

    hi, if possible i hope win one key

  • HURT

    count me in

  • Hypnot

    i would like win a key

  • John Wong GE

    Hi, I am interested to join this shared giveaway!
    One thing I like about Glary Utilities is that it has extra functionalities that other cleaner don’t have suxh as Fix some application error. :)

    It would be an upgrade for me since currently i use Ccleaner which is just too basic.


  • azziz


    Apart registry cleaning ability, The context menu manager is useful for removing context menu entries in Windows Explorer.

    • azziz

      correcting my email address

  • Olvi

    let me give it a look

  • tuplapukki

    my system is completely messed up, so i need it

  • knobi

    looking for some pieces of good software for my new sammy netbook

  • rainer

    this is my request

  • silvqua

    I find Glary Utilities a very good tool. Never damaged my OS. I wish to prove the Pro version, so I hope to win one key.

  • Torsten

    Hi Raju!

    Please count me in, it seems to be a great software with many usefull tools. Never tested it myself yet – Looking forward!
    Would be interesting if it has a good feature for working with context menus, that would be awesome to find.

    Little bit off topic..Have you found out an solution yet for Eset Nod32 AV in how to activate and convert this campain promo code to a real license? Have’nt heard anything of it in almost a month now so I guess you working on it:p
    Best regards

  • stranger

    Thanks for this nice offer .
    Glary Pro is the best .Its 1 click utility is the most reliable and smart .There are many modules which become handy in different situations .
    I like very much all the modules specially start up , context menu manager , windows assistant etc which are very helpful .

  • joe

    Glary Utilities is a great program. Handy one click maintenance for Windows based computer. I would love to have a lifetime licensce for this program.

  • Henry

    Never tried Glary Utilities Pro before. Heard it was comparable to Ace Utilities. Would like to be considered for license.

  • Av

    This is the best PC maintenance suite available, particularly the hassle free one-click maintenance. Hence I would love to win one license.

  • Hlan

    Hi ,

    i would like win one key

  • sofear

    win i hope

  • fatal

    thank you for this giveaway

  • snaketer

    nice and easily usable program

  • Spasi

    count me in for this contest

  • thefreestyler

    I’d love to win a Glary Utilities Pro because it offers many useful options to optimize Windows.

    i hope to win, many thanks for this giveaway 😉

  • Lazael

    ok count me in

  • Ranjan

    Its no doubt a wonderful utility for pc maintenance.. I’d love to win a license due to foll. reasons:-
    Automatic care in background
    Optimize, clean and boost the speed of your Windows.
    Protect your privacy and security.
    Block spyware, trojans, adware, etc.
    Fix certain application errors.
    Simple, fast and User friendly interface
    Much much more powerful utilities..
    So. count me in pls…….

  • amit raina

    its a gud software
    plz count me also

  • mohamed

    because 1-Click Maintenance function clean up my pc this s the best

  • Grr

    This is a multipurpose software and hence i would like to get a genuine serial to it.

    Thanks, Grr

  • rodney

    i am new at these web sites like these just found it today mon. feb.8 2010 great giveaways like these are hard to find on the internet i hope to win this great giveaway sharewhare program glary utilities pro lifetime license this would be great to win!! i will keep an eye out for websites like these for now on i hope to win a license for this please!!!! a computer user always looking for good free stuff when i can find it!! hope to here from you real soon!!