WinRAR is possibly the best premium compression tool available currently! And now, PC Welt, a German computer magazine is offering a free fully licensed version of WinRar 3.80 to its readers. All the readers need to do is to download WinRar 3.80 and to register an account at a specific page created for the offer to receive the registration file.

Follow these simple steps to get the free license of WinRAR 3.80

1. Download WinRar 3.80 from the official Winrar website

2. Visit this Promotional offer page, enter your First name, Last name, Email address, Email address again respectively. Click on Abschicken button.


Note: In case you get an error saying “This offer is not available for your country”, you might need to use this German proxy and try again.

3. Check your email inbox and you would find an email containing 2 links.

4. Click on the second link, which will download a ‘rarkey’ file. Extract the key file.

5. Double click on the registry key to activate it. Alternatively, you can also paste the rarreg.key file in WinRAR folder (located by default in C:\Program Files\WinRAR).

That’s it! You will now have a full version of WinRAR 3.80 running on your PC!



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  • ozzysong

    7zip is free and can uncompress a larger amount of formats.

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    My PC is now complete with the best compression utility ever done!

  • shanoboy

    I have the standard freeware, trial or whatever it is version and never had a problem with it not doing everything I needed. What is so great about the full version over the free to use one?

  • kamal

    got the key without any problems. If you put “ “in website it does go the registration page..

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    Thanks for this reminder..
    DO u any software other than WInzip for high compreesion for movies.

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    Pls send to my email win rar 3.8 full version software.