The big daddy of Tech Blogs – TechCrunch has released a clarification on its policy and status of deletion of comments on its older posts, saying all the comments are still safe in the database and will be reinstated soon. This comes soon after Amit Agarwal, from Digital Inspiration wrote a post late yesterday on possibility of removal of comments in bunch on all the older posts of TechCrunch.

Robin Wauters writes that

The title of that post left little to the imagination: it read “TechCrunch Removes Reader Comments From All Older Blog Posts”.
That allegation in itself is inaccurate, as is most of the rest of the article, so I felt compelled to respond quickly and offer our side of the story.

Though Amit says that “Your comments have not been deleted from the actual WordPress database but they aren’t putting them on the site anymore“, the title of the post which goes like “TechCrunch Removes Reader Comments From All Older Blog Posts” has not gone well with TechCrunch and hence they has come up with a quick clarification post.

According to Robin, this is a direct consequence of what happened in January this year when Techcrunch was hacked.

We were amongst the first to report the hacking incident, and if you remember, on the very same day, in the very same post, we noted the discrepancy in comments on TechCrunch.


I believe that the assumption of TechCrunch removing comments on older posts in order to minimize the page load time was too far fetched. It is true that they get 100+ comments on almost every post they write, but I am sure someone like Techcrunch would come up with better ways of minimizing the load time (like comments pagination) than removing the comments all-together!

Robin’s post confirms the technical glitch being faced at TechCrunch with respect to the user comments on older posts. I am sure Arrington has a great team of technical personnel and they should be able to bring the blog to normalcy very soon. A clarification post like this helps readers to know and understand what really is happening at the back end!

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