Google unleashed it’s latest tool – Google Buzz just a little while back. Google Buzz, as expected, will be accessible via Mobile phones as well. You can access Google Buzz via mobiles in one of the 3 ways possible –

  • from Google Mobile’s website,
  • from (iPhone and Android), and
  • from Google Mobile Maps.


Note: In case you are still wondering what Google Buzz is all about, you can have a look at this post to get an idea.

Google Buzz comes with geo-tagging feature, which (you might wish to turn-off) will figure out what building you are and ask you if it’s right. It even has voice recognition built in and posts it right onto your buzz in real time!

In the mobile interface, you can click “nearby” and see what people are saying nearby. This is something Twitter and Facebook lacks, though some Twitter apps (paid and free) try to provide the feature.


You can layer Google Maps with Buzz. You can also associate pictures with buzz within Google Maps. Pretty interesting, isn’t it? Conversation bubbles will appear on your Google Maps. They are geotagged buzz posts, which lets you see what people are saying nearby.

Check out this demo video which explains Google Buzz for Mobile in greater details

Here’s what you can do with Google Maps with Buzz:

– Share a tip, make a recommendation, post a picture, or say what’s happening now and tag it with a place.
– Find out what people are talking about (for example, a concert or upcoming traffic jam) by looking at a map.
– See posts about a place or business, such as the best dish at a restaurant.

Here are some screenshots of Google Buzz for Mobile, courtesy Gizmodo





As you can check from above screenshots, Google Buzz’s geo-tagging is the killer feature. It is so accurate and has so many add-ons to it, I can already hear privacy activists yelling at top of their voices!

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