Great news for Opera fans! Opera Mini will be making its way into iPhones and iPod Touch devices very soon. Apple has been very conservative when it comes to encouraging competition for its Safari browser. But finally, Opera has managed to port its mini browser onto the iPhone platform.

At the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2010 convention, Opera has announced that it will unveil new Opera Mini for iPhone. To be very honest, this was long due and a much deserved web browser option for the iPhone users. At MWC 2010, Opera will show off Opera Mini for iPhone along with the Opera mobile web browsers for other mobile platforms. The press image of the Opera suggests that Opera Mini for iPhone will have speed dials just like Opera Mini for other mobile platforms.

It would be interesting if Firefox also follows the Opera’s footsteps. Even during October 2009, Mozilla had clarified that they have no intentions of porting Firefox onto iPhone platform, so it’s a distant dream as of now. Google too can do a damage here by launching Chrome’s mobile version for iPhone but the fact is the Chromium community has just got its browser working for Mac OS X. Now, we’ll have to wait till MWC 2010 to watch Opera Mini for iPhone running.

Opera Mini uses compression technology, which results in significantly faster Web-page loading and reduces data transfer. It speeds up the web experience by putting Opera’s own servers between you and the internet and sending special images of the webpages to your phone. This uses less bandwidth and requires no html rendering on the phone, making things a lot faster.

The Opera Mini for iPhone is not publicly available as yet and Opera hasn’t confirmed if it will be available on App store soon or not.

Along with the Opera Mini iPhone version, Opera has also unveiled :

  • Opera Mobile 10 beta 3 on Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile handsets
  • Opera Mobile 10 beta running on Android handsets
  • Opera Mini 5 beta, running on a variety of handsets and platforms
  • Opera’s cross-platform Widgets Manager beta, running on Windows Mobile and S60 handsets

Good luck, Opera. We surely love to see how well your speedy tabbed browser works on the iPhone, but our gut feeling says Apple will come up with some excuse not to allow it.

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