Tiger Woods has dominated internet and newspapers for all the wrong reasons over the past couple of months. And now, for the first time after the scandal broke out, Tiger Woods will be holding a press conference early morning today when he’ll confront the public and apologize for his string of affairs that tarnished both his image as a role model and his endorsement earnings.


This is not of any major interest for us which deserves a post, but rather it is about YouTube streaming Tiger Woods press conference live online. This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, it’s going to get a lot of traffic, as many people will be at work and won’t be able to watch the conference from their TV sets. But it’s also another live video feed on YouTube, which historically has almost exclusively featured recorded content. Remember, few days back YouTube announced a major deal with IPL, where in IPL 2010 cricket matches will be streamed live on YouTube!

Not just the sporting events, YouTube has tried live feeds for U2’s show as well as Obama’s speech recently. But their decision to live stream Tiger Woods’s press conference is a bit surprising. Though it is newsworthy, it’s more of a gossip than sports news, I would say more of TMZ kind of event. I believe Youtube will venture into live feeds more and more in coming days, though the recorded video content will remain as their primary business.

Tiger Woods Press Conference Live Streaming Online

The event starts at 8 AM PST. Below are some ways you can watch the press conf stream online for free!

1. Watch Tiger Woods PGA press conference live online on Youtube starts 8 a.m. PT/11 a.m. ET

2. Watch Tiger Woods press conference live streaming on UStream – CBS News stream

3. Watch Tiger Woods Press conference statement online on ESPN

4. AP Live will also be streaming Tiger Woods press conference

5. Hulu is also streaming the press conference live. The stream is embedded below. This might only work for US visitors.


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2 thoughts on “Watch Tiger Woods PGA Press Conference Online on YouTube

  1. I certainly won’t be able speak out with regard to everybody else, nonetheless I think all of the press that this story is receiving is silly. Tiger cheated on his spouse, not the game of golf. The only ones he should have to appease is actually his loved ones in addition to sponsors. It is actually obvious why the guy should say i’m sorry and continue to make amends with Elin. His sponsors have used lots of money marketing the guy. Other than that, this is a private household concern and he should be permitted to handle this behind closed doors. Everyone quite frankly doesn’t have the right to discover every last minimal detail regarding everybody’s life, no matter what your celebrity status.

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