Remember Gull1hack? Yes, its the same ‘magic’ tool which promised to jailbreak iPhone 3GS 3.1.3! The good news is that Gull1hack is available for download and the bad news is (as predicted) it is fake a joke.

“Treat this as a mere speculation”. This was the first sentence of the post I wrote yesterday about Gull1hack. And it has been proved to be a mere joke by an 18 year old teenager from Germany.


As Sizzledcore notes, the point behind this joke is to make people realize how easily they open any program they come across without checking it for trojans. And this is how millions of systems get infected with viruses, trojans etc.

Good try boy! I am not sure how much you will succeed in alerting people about installing random stuffon their PCs, but you have surely succeeded in generating the buzz around the blogosphere.


NOTE: Your mouse cursor will freeze for 30 seconds when you open Gull1hack.

I don’t think you would still want to download gull1hack, but in case you do, below is the link

Download Gull1hack RC 1.0

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