Over a period of time, as a result of frequent downloads from Internet, copying from music CDs, sharing files with friends, one tends to end up with a lot of duplicate files on the PC. There cannot be many reasons to have multiple copies of the same file. In order to lighten your hard disk, clean of such unwanted junk and get back the lost space, you need to periodically find and remove duplicate files.

CloneSpy provides users with an incredibly fast way of checking their computers for duplicate files that may be taking up valuable space. It’s fast, it’s easy to use and it is effective as well. You can also find files that are not identical, but have the same file names.


You can either delete/remove duplicate files or move the redundant files to a specific folder. You can also export a list of all duplicate files without removing any of them. What is even better with CloneSpy is the fact that you can build checksum files from files on CDs/DVDs/HDDs etc, and use them to check whether these files already exist on your system.

It doesn’t matter to CloneSpy whether two files share the same name or not because CloneSpy is comparing the data within a file. Another excellent feature is CloneSpy’s capability to lock in a pool. This saves the folders in that pool, so users can come back time and time again to check.

With CloneSpy you can process files which:
* are duplicates
* are duplicates and have the same file name
* have the same file name
* have the same file name and (approximately) the same size
* are zero bytes long

CloneSpy is a freeware and is available for Windows XP/Vista/7

Download CloneSpy

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