Opera 10.5 final version is out and guess what? They claim to be the fastest browser for Windows in the world! Well, each time a major web-browser version is released, they claim to be the fastest amongst all! Isn’t it?! But Opera claims that their developers have introduced a new JavaScript engine called Carakan and a new graphics library called Vega in Opera 10.5 which makes it really fast.

The new release of Opera browser includes a sleek and redefined new design and an improved private browsing. The improvement in private browsing is that you can open it in a separate tab or in a new window. The new Opera 10.5 also integrates well with the Aero Glass feature in Windows 7 and Windows Vista.


Opera 10.5 also boasts of full CSS 2.1 support and improved CSS 3 and HTML5 support. HTML5 videos are now supported in Opera. Personally, I feel Opera 10.5 is definitely the best browser with respect to the design and performance released by Opera till date. Whether it is the fastest or the best amongst all browsers, is something left for personal choice.

Opera 10.5 Final – Key Features

  • Speed: Opera is known as the “fastest browser on Earth” and the latest version wins in open speed tests.
  • Security: Opera has the strongest security record among all the leading Web browsers.
  • Opera Turbo: Boost your speed on slow networks with our powerful servers to get you Web pages faster.
  • Visual tabs: Drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of your open Web pages.
  • Customizable Speed Dial: Get easy access to your favorite sites every time you open a new tab.
  • Opera Link: Synchronize your Speed Dial, bookmarks, notes and other useful data across all your devices.

Download Opera 10.5 Final

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