What if you found yourself wanting an old Mathematics or Geography textbook but not find it in your college library? Yes, you can borrow it from your friend or look for an used copy from a local book store or even buy a new one at Amazon. Well, you have another interesting option at your hands, thanks to the Wikimedia foundation!

Wikibooks – Free Textbook project


Wikibooks (previously known as Wikimedia Free Textbook Project or Wikimedia textbooks) is a wiki hosted by the founders of Wikipedia for the creation of free content textbooks and annotated texts that anyone can edit.

Wikibooks has been around for quite sometime now. It was started in 2003 and since then has grown to include over 36,000 pages in a multitude of textbooks, all created by volunteers around the world. Wikibooks has a comprehensive, kindergarten-to-college curriculum of textbooks that are free and freely distributable, based on an open-source development model.

Somehow Wikibooks has not managed to garner enough publicity and attention as its counterpart, Wikipedia has managed to. This might be because Wikibooks has many incomplete texts, but many argue that even the comprehensive textbooks (priced several dollars) are also of poor quality. While some books are original, others began as text copied over from other sources of free-content textbooks found on the Internet. All of the site’s content is covered by the GNU Free Documentation License.

Selection of Books

The selection is pretty diverse, and expanding. As the image screenshot below shows, Wikibooks covers subjects ranging from Biology to Engineering and from Social sciences to Computing.


All the subjects are neatly grouped for easy access and navigation. There is also a section for kids called Wikijunior. A cookbook area is also included.

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