Just when Apple is preparing for a grand launch of iBad iPad on April 3rd, HP and Adobe have released a video demo of HP Slate running Adobe Flash, like ability to play videos anywhere on the internet (and not just Youtube), playing flash games etc.

Also, Flash will allow users to access other content-rich applications on the web such as magazines and casual Flash-based games. Not just Flash, Adobe demonstrated HP Slate’s ability to run Adobe Air applications as well. This is a clear signs of Adobe moving away from Apple-Flash fiasco and investing more time and energy towards other tablet computers.


HP is yet to disclose the pricing, availability and specification details of HP Slate, but these videos add enough traction to the growing interest of this tablet which is one of the very few ones which can run Windows 7 OS.

HP Slate Adobe Flash and AIR Demo

HP Slate Commercial

The HP Slate commercial looks ridiculously similar to the iPad ad which ran during Oscars 2010. The demo features just the screen and a pair of hands swiping and pressing the Slate’s screen.

What do you think? Does the HP Slate seem like a much better alternative to the Apple iPad?

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2 thoughts on “HP & Adobe Take a Dig at Apple iPad with Flash Demo

  1. As we spoke before Raju, I never really felt the iPad will be nothing more than a glorified iPod Touch. And granted maybe in a later version it will include a camera. But it will never include Adobe Flash or true multitasking. And thats one of the reasons why I feel Apple is totally missing the point of a tablet device.

    But this HP Slate changes everything. Now this is truly a “magical and revolutionary” device. I will have one whenever they finally hit the market. The one thing that would be a dealbreaker for me, it if it’s tied to a contract. But as long as the price stays around the $1000USD mark unsubsidized, I’m good. And I would hope this product will spur other manufacturers to develop their own take on the slate form factor.

    Thanks for the post. Cheers

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