You must be knowing by now that all matches of IPL 2010 will be streamed live online on Youtube, starting today, 12th March 2010! This means people across the world can watch all the T20 matches right on their computers for free!

That is great news, no doubt! But what if your internet connection speed is not good enough for live streaming. As you know, for viewing live streaming video, the net connection has to be at-least 1Mbps or above. Well, if you are in India and using Airtel broadband, here is some good news and bad news for you.


Good news first! Airtel has announced that they will be automatically upgrading the broadband plan of all its customers to a speed of 2 Mbps for FREE during the entire duration of the IPL tournament without you having to do anything. That means no more “buffering” stoppages while watching live cricket videos on your computer! One has to note that the speed upgrade works only for Youtube, while other browsing other sites will be based on your existing plan.

Upgraded speed of 2Mbps applicable only for content streaming on page and not for other YouTube content.

Now comes the bad news, when you are upgraded to 2 Mbps, the data transfer limit will still be governed by your current broadband tariff plan. So, watching cricket matches on higher speed internet connection might provide glitch-free viewing, but too much of IPL can quickly exhaust your data limits and then you will have to pay per byte which is often not very cheap.

This is a smart calculated move from Airtel and I suggest the users to be careful about the bandwidth consumed.

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