“Like it or hate it, you just can’t ignore it”. I am talking about Apple’s latest revolutionary gadgets which will supposedly change the way you access the internet – the Apple iPad which is available for pre-order starting March 12th, while the shipping starts on April 3 2010. But all these only for US customers.


Apple has no plans to release iPad in countries like India, China, Brazil etc till late 2010 (while UK, Spain, Switzerland etc will be getting in the end of April). So, what if you are not in US, but still want to get your hands on the wonder gadget first? Of-course the iPad wi-fi version comes unlocked, which means you can effectively use it anywhere in the world, and here is how you can buy Apple iPad outside US.

As per Amit, the best option to get started is first ordering the iPad using a US Credit Card & a US Shipping Address, following which you can ship the product from US to your home country easily using different services.


The Apple store accepts only US credit cards and hence the best thing to do is look for a temporary US credit card which you can use to process the payment and order the iPad from the US Store. For this, Amit recommends, US Unlocked, a reliable service which offers you with Pre-Paid Virtual Discover Debit Card at a fees of 10$. Once you get this card (which takes less than 2 business days), you can load it with the amount you need and use it to process your order. US Unlocked has blog posts which will help you complete all the formalities required.


Apple would ask you to enter a ‘Shipping zip’ which is obviously ‘US only’. The best thing to do is get it shipped to a friend or relative staying in US and ask them to ship it to your home country later on. But if you do not have anyone over in US, you can make use of MyUS which offers you with US shipping address. Fill the shopping basket with US websites like Apple Store, then submit the order at the ‘Ship It’ page and get a US shipping address, which can be used during the check-out at the Apple Store. When they receive your goods at their warehouse, they will determine the shipping cost, after the payment of which would be re-packed and sent to you.

The final step would be shipping the Apple iPad from the warehouse to your Residential or Commercial address in your home country. MyUS can again help you here. There are three different types of membership options available like Standard, Premium & Premium + Mail, each having different rates. The delivery is done through DHL Express, FedEx Priority & FedEx Air Freight, hence the different rates and time of delivery to different countries.

While this would complete the procedure of buying and shipping from US to your home country, you need to take care of verifying additional costs like custom duty charges applicable in your country (if any).

Would you still be interested in buying an iPad right now? or will wait for it to officially release in your country?!

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