Hulu has proved itself to be one of the most sought out destinations for free TV shows online in US. Free episodes of popular TV shows like Glee, Lost, The Office etc are all available on Hulu in very high quality.

But access to Hulu is limited to viewers from the United States and even those can only view the tv shows online and not offline. To make matters worse Hulu is using encryption to protect the tv streams so that standard downloaders like Orbit Downloader and TubeMaster++ do not function at all. Tools like Hulu Video Downloader which used to do a robust job have disappeared now (for obvious reasons).


Luckily, StreamTransport provides the same functionality, i.e downloading Hulu videos and TV shows for offline viewing and that too in high quality! Not just encrypted media sites like Hulu, StreamTransport can download media from video sharing sites like Youtube and Veoh.

It can browse and download media from sites using HTTP, RTMP, RTMPT, RTMPE, and RTMPTE protocols, which covers most video and media sharing sites. The downloaded files are FLV formatted, which can be played using VLC Media Player or converting for other platforms.

Stream Transport includes a basic web browser that can be used to open video portals like Hulu in its interface. It will automatically recognize a tv show stream when one is opened and played in the web browser. The streams that are discovered are displayed at the bottom of the interface.

Note: As Lifehacker points out, don’t expect Stream transport to work forever. Once it gets popular Hulu will surely change their encryption, forcing StreamTransport to update themselves. For now, it works like a charm.

Download StreamTransport

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