We always knew Google will foray into TV business sometime or the other, either in the way of TV based ads or TV shows search project. But Google has bowled a bouncer and looks set to venture into the living room with Google TV, an Android-based set-top box capable of delivering the best of the Web (and online video) to your television set. And it’s partnered with Sony and Intel to make Google TV happen.


Google TV

New York Times revealed the deal between Google, Sony and Intel to come out with Google TV which will allow users to surf online video from websites like Youtube, Hulu, Netflix etc. from the comforts of the couch, and will compete with the likes of the Boxee Box and other similar hardware.

Google TV will likely be an open-source venture, since it will be based on Android OS and with Sony stepping in to manufacture the hardware, we can expect Internet connected TVs with an in-built set-top box. Meanwhile, peripherals manufacturer Logitech is reportedly working on accessories for Google TV devices like a remote control with a small keyboard.

What’s in it for Google?

Google doesn’t work for charity! You can expect Google to track the viewer’s choice of programs and place related ads on the system.

Don’t be surprised if Google TV involves a version of Google Chrome web browser. There are no official confirmations from any of the parties involved, but the buzz is that the project has been going on for several months now. Let us wait for some official news before getting all worked up!

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