If you are one of those who find the ads irritating and intruding when reading mails on Yahoo, here is a good news for you. Yahoo Mail has announced that a new feature that allows hiding ads on Yahoo mail temporarily, there by providing more real-estate to read your mails.


This feature is specially helpful if you are using lower screen resolution on your desktop/laptop/netbook. Those who extensively use desktop email clients like Microsoft Outlook would appreciate this move from Yahoo mail as they can get the ad-free experience on the web version as well.

Most of the frequent users would already be prone to ad-blindness and this might not cheer them so much. Personally, I noticed the banner on the right only after reading the blog post from Yahoo mail folks. This is still a welcome move and we must appreciate Yahoo for providing an option to hide ads especially since ads are what that allow them to provide Yahoo Mail as we free service.

As mentioned earlier, this feature doesn’t remove ads permanently. If you would like to permanently disable ads you can sign up for Mail Plus which offers an ad-free experience and other enhanced features.

Are you listening Google?

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