Ever since Google Buzz was launched, there have been questions over how successful it has been and how much interest it has managed to gather from social media enthusiasts. Some people seem to be extremely positive about the activities on Google Buzz, while some others say it is damp squib. Unlike Tweetstats for Twitter, Google Buzz didn’t have any tool to put down the statistics showing your activity on Buzz, and how much traction your feed is getting, along with details on who is commenting, and how much they are saying.

Google Buzz Stats

Luckily, Siegfried Hirsch has come out with a simple tool hosted on the Google App Engine which analyzes your last 100 entries to Buzz, from any source, shows their origin, counts up the words, characters and replies, and displays the people interacting with your feed.


At most you can consider this tool to be in beta release. Without any official API available for Buzz, the tool lacks information like number of “likes” for your feed stream, who is liking your content and any data beyond first 100 posts. Also, you don’t get to see information about your own activity, like where you are commenting, what you are liking etc.


While using this tool, one thing was clear to me. People like Robert Scoble and Lisa Chapman who posted natively to Buzz gained the most engagement, while others who imported feeds from third party services like RSS & Twitter got much less traction.


The Buzz-Statistics engine is in version 0.1, so expect lot more work put into it in coming days and hence much better releases as well. In order to check your Buzz stats, you need to either enter your profile name or your profile ID.

Check out Google Buzz Stats

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  1. Thanks for the tip on the Google Buzz App. In all honesty I need to get more into the whole Google Buzz thing pretty soon.

    The way I see it, the more traffic the better.

    Thanks for the post.

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