If you are someone who craves for more and more free movies, music, torrents, games, TV shows and more, then the tool I am talking about today will sound music to your ears. SkyDownloader, tipped as the #1 downloader for free music, movies, torrent, live TV and more.

It’s home base for everything that entertains you online, providing the smartest and fastest access to millions of songs, MP3s, movies, TV shows, and games. SkyDownloader combines powerful Gnutella and BitTorrent technologies with effortless live channel streaming to give you the world’s best online entertainment experience with the least amount of hassle.


A deadly combination of Gnutella and BitTorrent! That doesn’t sound quiet right, isn’t it? Oh yes, the application is dangerously close to be on the wrong side of the fence when it comes to copyright and legality. Right from the app, you can browse and download the latest and most popular movies and songs at optimized/accelerated speeds. You can even watch live television and popular videos as rated by users all around the world.

Downloader + Media Player = SkyDownloader


SkyDownloader is an attractive downloader with a built-in music and video player. You can pause and resume downloads, and it handles your downloaded files as well. Its media player is top notch. And SkyDownloader does more than just search for files, manage them and play them. It lets you watch TV, play videos and listen to live radio stations across the world.

SkyDownloader – Features


  • It lets you download free movies, music, torrents, tv shows and more. The easy to use interface provides access to millions of songs, MP3s, movies, TV shows, live channels and games.
  • SkyDownloader combines powerful Gnutella and BitTorrent technologies with effortless live channel streaming
  • Optimized and accelerated downloads, five-to-ten times faster than normal downloaders.
  • All the content are neatly arranged and categorized, which makes it really easy to find and download whatever you are looking for.
  • Spyware and adware free. It blocked harmful content and eliminate fake files.

SkyDownloader works on Win2000, Win7 x32/x64, WinServer, WinVista x32/x64 and WinXP. They have a PRO version which comes with faster connections, faster downloads, free updates, free support, faster search etc. But I don’t really see a reason to go for it as yet! One can’t help but to compare it with other downloaders like Orbit Downloader, but SkyDownloader is much more than any of those really.

Download SkyDownloader


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4 thoughts on “Grab Free Music, Movies, Torrent and More with SkyDownloader

  1. I’ve tried this software. It’s OK. It’s not fast but quite slow especially with files over bittorrent on the contrary. Limewire is much faster to startup(taking around 10 seconds compared to 30 seconds for skydownloader on my pc).

    Nice review; but have you actually tried and compared it to others before writing it?

    • I haven’t compared the speeds to limewire. Moreover the download speed will depend upon number of available hosts (seeds), so it is always relative. I am using the PRO version of skydownloader

  2. With the death of limewire we could use an opinion vote on which is the best and safest to switch to. I would like to hear more opinions.

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