The HTC Evo 4G from Sprint has Stunner written all over it. Without a doubt, it must be one of the most awaited gadgets to come out in 2010. A powerful processor, additional memory, high resolution camera, reliable OS, extra on-board storage, all makes it a winner.


Looking at the specs list, here are the 10 reasons to be excited about!

10 Reasons Why HTC Evo 4G is a Winner

1. 4G Network – 4G means high speed Internet connectivity with download speeds that are up to 10 times faster than 3G speeds. Wow!

2. 4.3-inch Touch Screen – No other Android phone has ever had a 4.3 inch screen before. HTC HD2 has a similar screen, but it runs on a soon-to-be-outdated Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. Browsing on 4G means faster download of multimedia content, which makes 4.3inch screen worthwhile to have!


3. Two Cameras – HTC Evo 4G will come with 2 cameras – a 8-megapixel camera for photos and HD-capable video capture and a 1.3 megapixel front-facing camera, presumably for video chat and self portraits. Now that’s make it a real smartphone.

4. Mobile Hotspot – HTC Evo 4G also includes built-in support for creating mobile hotspot on demand, allowing up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled devices to connect to it and utilize Sprint’s 4G network while on the go.

5. Memory – HTC Evo 4G comes with 1GB of built-in memory and 512MB of RAM which means more storage for apps and more memory to process.

6. Kickstand – This phone is meant for viewing high definition content and having a chrome kickstand for propping the screen upright on a table or desk makes it even better.

7. Helicopter View – Unlike iPhone OS, Android has always supported multi-tasking. With Evo 4G, HTC layers its Sense user interface on top of Android 2.1, but with a new feature called “Leap”. With this, you can view all the other 7 homescreens by just pinching anywhere on the current homescreen.

8. HDMI – The HDMI-out can hook up your HTC Evo 4G with your TV, given an adapter.

9. Connectivity Options – It comes with CDMA2000/EV-DO Rev. A/4G WiMAX; 802.16e: 2500MMz; Wi-Fi (802.11b/g); Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP Stereo and EDR. What’s missing?

10. It is the first ever 4G phone in US, and with killer features like above, it is bound to be a winner. Let us just hope that the pricing is apt and data plans are affordable!

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9 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why HTC Evo 4G is a Winner

  1. iPhoneOS always has supported multitasking, as many of the stock apps and third-party applications have made obvious since launch. Its a very common (and annoying) misconception to think otherwise, mainly caused by FUD and people not understanding the underlying software.

    That being said, when a GSM version of the Evo (honestly I don’t care much about the data network, I’d rather not be locked to a carrier) comes out it will likely replace the 3GS as my handset of choice. Its pretty unarguably the sexiest hardware ever put in a smartphone.

    • @oranges2,
      My mistake, I meant Apple and not iPhone OS. Previously too I had written about how iPhone OS is capable of multi-tasking, but still under-utilized by crazy Apple policies. You got me there!

  2. Old Android phones (OS 1.5 and older) are available for <20k, phones like HTC Tattoo, HTC Magic are all prices around 15k. Personally, I would go for OS 2.0 or 2.1 phones, but all of them are priced above 25k

  3. Oops that’s costly πŸ™‚ Probably you could write a post about how to upgrade pre 1.5 androids into 2.0. There must be a way right? (even when certain hardware capabilities are expected on >2.0)

  4. 1. 4G Network – $10 extra per month, you must pay for it even if you don’t have 4G in your area… which are loads of areas.

    2. 4.3-inch Touch Screen – Nice.

    3. Two Cameras – Front camera is bull crap, so it is like you only have one.

    4. Mobile Hotspot – Really? Oh yeah, $30 extra per month.

    5. Memory – Wow memory, which pda phone doesn’t have loads already. (including those that expand)

    6. Kickstand – Useless for most people.

    7. Helicopter View – Nice. But sorry your competition, is coming out with this in just about 3 weeks. (apple)

    8. HDMI – I wonder how many people are going to use this feature.

    9. Connectivity Options – Which PDA phone doesn’t have this?

    10. Ok, so apple will probably come out with the 2nd 4G phone in no time, which will probably be second to none. Price to buy the phone is normal, but the add on prices is stupid and will force most not to even use the most advertised features of this phone.

  5. Todd,

    1. Front camera is worthless? How so? It will allow for options like video conferencing and being able to see your friends and family when you call them like Skype.

    2. Mobile Hotspot: How can you bulk at $30 a month for unlimted 3G/4G? If you got an ATT wireless card or Verizon wirless card you would pay twice that plus it wouldn’t allow up to 8 users to connect PLUS you would have the data cap of 5GB. Oh and if your ATT you get the new DATA CAP on the phone themselves. This is a great deal, but you don’t ‘have’ to pay $30 if you don’t want to use the phone as a hotspot. Just an additional feature.

    3. HDMI: Who will use this feature? Everyone who has this phone. Stream movies to your TV/Projector, stream HULU as this phone actually supports FLASH unlike the IPHONE, watch HD video you just took of your kids on a friends TV. Don’t forget you can even stream live video with the EVO so people can logon and watch a concert/kids play/game/event in real time.

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the new IPHONE that just came out today isn’t even in the same league as the EVO. The EVO has true 4G with an actual network to run on, it has real features people will actually use in business. The IPHONE does have Farmville though…so…that’s neat if your 12.

  6. 1) 4G is like nowhere, and most people have said it is not much faster anyway it just sucks battery life
    2) That screen is too big for me to use one handed, i want things smaller for my pocket with bigger resolution, anyone can go bigger thats the easy part.
    3) 2 cameras with no built in video conf app that actually works , Cool!
    4) OK this is cool…
    5) WOW 1 GB of memory!!! thats like a 1/4 of what the OG iPod had 8 years ago!!! AMAZING
    6) Kickstand – its so cool how much fatter this phone is so they can have a kickstand!
    7) Pretty much everyone and their mom knows stock android is better than sense.. sense just means you get updates like 5 months after google releases them.
    8) HDMI out – who the hell is hooking their phone upto a TV?!
    9) Um wifi N is missing… why write what’s missing when something is missing
    10) is crappy battery life the feature they are highlighting here? or the lack of games, I can’t tell?

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