First, it was news about contract free iPhones in US and now the launch of iPhone 3GS in India, via Bharti Airtel Ltd. Apple seems to be quite desperate to push off sell all the remaining iPhone 3GS smartphones in a hurry!

Airtel to Launch iPhone 3GS in India on March 26th

This is now a confirmed news that Airtel will be launching the iPhone 3GS in India first (ahead of Vodafone) on March 26th 2010. As per the press release made available, iPhone 3GS would be similar to the previous iPhone versions – iPhone 2G and 3G, as it comes with a contract and a data plan which means the phones will be locked with the carrier.

Airtel iPhone 3GS Prices & Data Plans


There is hardly anything to cheer for iPhone fans in India. As before, Apple and Airtel have decided to launch the “soon-to-be-phased-out” iPhone 3GS version at a ridiculously high price.

  • iPhone 3GS 16GB – Rs. 35,500* (Approx $780)
  • iPhone 3GS 32GB – Rs. 41,500* (Approx $910)

* – VAT extra!

Not just the initial costs, even the data plans make anyone cry. Just 500MB of data free every month for the first year under the contract! iPhone 3G (8GB) price has gone down a bit and is now available for Rs. 29,500* (Approx $650)! Hilarious!!

There is hardly anything to cheer about for Indian public in general and Apple fans in specific. Every single time, Apple has proved that it treats India as nothing but a dumping ground for either “already-outdated” or “soon-to-be-phased-out” devices. It is no different this time as well. Contract free iPhones and launch of iPhone 3GS in India are clear signs that a new iPhone is coming, will it be an iPhone 4G? Most possibly it will be a 4G device.

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