Ever since Microsoft announced that Project Natal‘s expected availability, several blogs have had raised concerns about the amount of space required by Natal’s motion-sensitive Xbox 360 controller. If you remember, most of the Project Natal’s video demos showed larger rooms and bigger spaces. Luckily, Microsoft has stepped in to address the concerns and says Natal will also work in smaller spaces.


The comments recently about the play space for ‘Project Natal’ were misinterpreted,” the company said in a statement. “It is true that the ‘Project Natal’ sensor reads the configuration of your room and adjusts play space, as appropriate. We know that living rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and have conducted numerous play tests to ensure everyone will be able to jump off the couch and into the fun when ‘Project Natal’ launches globally this holiday.”

This should come as a relief to many fans like me who are waiting desperately to get a hand on Project Natal XBOX 360, without enough space to spare for it. In case you are not aware of what Project natal is, have a look at this video demo


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