For the past several months 1-800-FREE-411 worked flawlessly for everyone looking for Free International calls. Unfortunately, it was abused way too much and eventually the service became unstable and off-late several users started asking for an alternative service.


Luckily enough, we might get a better solution in coming days. A new voip service called Callarc promises to provide free international calls service which will let you make free calls either from their website or through their apps for iPhone/Android/other smartphones!

Currently the Callarc service is invite based as they have not launched completely. So you would need to register and wait for an invite to use their service. I haven’t got a chance to test their service yet so cannot vouch for the quality of calls it provides. Interestingly though, they have a Facebook app which you can use to make free international calls, but then you need to have an invite anyway.


Just like 1-800-free-411, Callarc claims that they let you make free calls from anywhere in the world to anywhere else. Now, for that we must wait and see if that actually is the case. The concept on which Callarc is based makes it interesting. They provide you with multiple options to place the calls, but eventually it will be phone-to-phone call service.

I will update the post with more details as and when I get to test the service. In case if some of you do get an opportunity to test-drive Callarc, feel free to share your experiences.

Update: CallArc has gone mainstream. They now require a registration (which is simple enough) but users can make calls only after earning free credits. Sounds confusing? Well, users are required to fill some online surveys to earn free call credits which can be used to make free international calls. Not exciting, but there isn’t anything like free lunch in this world, isn’t it? They also have an iPhone app, android app and PC dialler.


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  • Jeff Atkins

    This is really interesting, sounds like will allow for me to call family overseas through my iphone. I cant wait until they launch, just submitted my email to be one of the first to test it!!

  • meiron

    I think it’s maybe too early to compare them with other services.

    1. Nobody said they will allow unlimited usage.
    2. The business model is not clear: It can be either ad-based OR free for some limited period for promo, and then turn into a paid service (which is much less attractive)
    3. Nowadays, it’s not even sure they will launch at all.
    I can remember at least 2 similar sites with big promises, which suddenly have been shut-down before even launching a true BETA version: the first is TEPHNO.COM and the other is PLUMBLE.COM

    I wouldn’t give my real phone number or email before knowing who are the people behind this service, and seeing it opened and working as promised

  • Daniel

    Sounds good to me… I’m looking forward to their beta launch…

  • nate

    where can i download callarc and will it be free

  • jameBR

    for those with family overseas is offering free 30 minutes calls this holidays.

  • Antonio freitas

    je veux que vous faciliter à faire des telechargements dans votre site

  • shine_on

    please how to download it?

  • shine_on

    please someone send me the link on how i can download callarc