There are all indications and proofs that Google has started to roll out Google Caffeine for everyone. For the uninitiated, Google Caffeine is the codename for new upgraded version of Google search, aimed to improve the speed, accuracy, size, and comprehensiveness of Google search.


Google Caffeine was announced almost 7 month back, but was not rolled out to public. According to Search engine roundtable, Google faced some road-blocks with the name “caffeine” due to their dietary restrictions and hence Google had to change the name.

As always, changing names is a long process at Google and they finally decided to go with the German spelling, “kaffein.” Now that Google Kaffein has been renamed, Google has now taken it live.

There is no official confirmation on the new upgraded search engine going live, but webmasters around the world seem to confirm the launch of Kaffein. Even at techPP we are seeing considerable change in traffic and changes in keywords positioning on Google.

As per my observation, rolling out of Kaffein has just started but not complete. and looks to have been migrated to the Kaffein. With personalized search in place as well, it is very difficult to manually confirm the changes.

Are you a webmaster? Do you see any change in traffic? Share your thoughts

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