We are all set for the release of Apple iPad on April 3. And now the iPad App store is live! As expected some of the apps have been priced exorbitantly high due to lack of competition. But then, there are some amazing free iPad apps too and we have collated them together to make your life easy and download these best apps when you actually get your iPad.

The list is exhaustive and the apps have just now begun to flow, so make sure you bookmark this post and keep coming back for updated list.

Ultimate List of Best and Free iPad Apps

1. ABC Player


One of the first TV apps in the store with a slick interface for the ABC video content you can already stream on their website. Watch the popular TV shows like Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family, Desperate Housewives and others on your iPad for free!

2. Netflix


Get Netflix on your iPad and stream your favorite movies and shows over wi-fi. Ofcourse you would need a netflix account which would cost you $9 per month.

3. NBA Game Time Courtside


A super cool basketball app with full interactive dashboard for every game you watch. In addition to live scores, stats and plays, it provides real-time player and team performance information.

4. Shazam for iPad


Create, browse and share your tag list in a new and unique way with iPad. Shazam for iPad provides unlimited tagging and innovative features.

5. Yahoo Entertainment


An interactive TV listings guide/entertainment news/video hub, which pulls from Yahoo’s network of sites. Very slick and neatly designed.

6. AP News


AP news app tries to keep you updated with the latest news across the globe, contains video, text as well as image content. A very unorthodox design, makes this app look different yet good.

7. iBooks


Possibly the app which defines iPad. iBooks is an amazing way to download and read books – both free and paid. Browse the library on a neat looking bookshelf, tap a book to open it, read through the pages with a swipe and bookmark favorite passages.

8. TweetDeck – An award winning twitter client which looks much like its iPhone counterpart.

9. StumbleUpon – A simple, easy to use app for StumbleUpon lovers. Discover and share your favorite links.

10. WSJ – The Wall Street Journal’s free version app is pretty slick but lacks extra features which comes in paid version of the app.

11. USA Today – USA Today makes up the list of 3 top newspapers releasing their iPad apps on day 1 itself.

12. NYT Editor’s Choice – We saw how New York Times’ website looks like during the iPad launch demo. But now, the dedicated app for iPad is out.

13. eBay for iPad – eBay for iPad features a brand new simple interface optimized specifically for iPad

14. Wikipanion – An easy to use wikipedia companion. Accessing Wikipedia was never so easy and fun before.

15. Accuweather – A classic weather application for iPad. Get detailed current conditions, a 15-day forecast and hourly weather details.

More apps will be updated in coming days. Feel free to suggest your favorite free iPad app.


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12 thoughts on “Ultimate List of Free iPad Apps

  1. Nice and cool list!
    Great job!
    And I also collected many ipad apps like this list:
    “Top 10 Best Free iPad Apps” in iFunia ipad column.
    and here “Apple Posts Top iPad Apps on App Store” on

  2. Nice list yet I would have expected tons of puzzle games in this though. If you have tried Tetris or Bejeweled, it might interest you to know that there is a better option for these – StarFaces – certainly one of the best iPad app. I had played this game on my iphone for a while and now I have it for ipad and its great! Love the photos option

  3. Wow…..what a great compilation of apps. And you have done a great job breaking them all down in easy to understand reviews. Thank you and I will be bookmarking this page and checking back frequently.

  4. Nice list of apps but i have to say i perfer the kindle app to the ibook apps. I just like far more a choice of books – 300,000 versus the 70,000 in the ibook store.

    Althought tweet deck is a must and is getting installed right now!

  5. The i-pad is no doubt a sleek piece of kit regardless of its short comings and I am sure these will be sorted out in future incarnations.For me I’ll wait until they have put in the web cam for face to face video conferencing and made the paltry 64gb memory a little more reasonable size or have some where I can add storage like SD or mini sd card slot.As my music collection is already twice the capacity of the largest I pad before you add apps and games.

  6. I grudge paying money to download an app only to find out that it is useless and much prefer wading through lots of free apps to find a good one. I use some of the ones you list here, thanks for compiling this list.

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