Its Official! Apple has announced that the preview of iPhone OS 4.0 will be coming on April 8th 2010. Just a week into the availability of iPad, Apple has moved on to the next major announcement, this time for iPhones.


Over the last few months, we have seen lots of rumors about iPhone 4.0 OS including iPhone 4.0 features, but this one is for real. Apple has not let out any clues on what to expect in iPhone 4.0, but their announcement has put to rest all the rumors surrounding iPhone 4G release anytime soon.

Users, bloggers and developers have been asking for multitasking feature to be enabled in iPhone OS. We need to wait till April 8th, 10am PST, when the Apple event kicks off at Apple’s One Infinite Loop Campus. Rest assured, we will keep you covered about the event and bring you the latest updates about any major announcements.

Important thing to note here is that this event aims at giving a sneak-peek into what the latest iPhone OS holds in store for us. So the actual release of iPhone 4.0 firmware will happen at a later time. Apple might as well release a beta preview (developer) version on April 8th though. The final version of iPhone 3.2 might as well be released the same day.

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