Google has just released a much improved version of Google docs with big changes focused on significantly improving document collaboration in Docs. The new features include real-time, character-by-character editing for multiple users (much like Google wave), as-you-type spell check, a new commenting system, and more.

A new Drawing editor has been introduced and will be rolled out to everyone by the end of the day. You can also now collaborate simultaneously with up to 50 users, which is huge, regardless of the need to collaborate with so many people at a time. Here is how it looks like



Following new features have been added to the web editor which now makes you feel like working on a word processor-

  • Ruler with tab stops
  • Floating images
  • Spell check as you type
  • New commenting system

Go to Settings > Document Settings to enable the new document editor. Spreadsheets have also gotten a hefty upgrade: new features include auto-complete, the ability to drag-and-drop columns, and faster load times. The best one though, is probably autofill.

Check out the comparison chart released by Google on how Google docs fares against Microsoft Office 2010-


These updates look like a big and important step forward for using Google Docs as a collaboration tool, but still lacks the raw power and deep feature set of MS office, but one might not always need those power set of tools. In that case Google docs is best suited for you. Check out the video demo explaining the new features of Google docs

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3 thoughts on “Google Docs gets Better with New Features

  1. Its good to see Google Docs coming on but there are a couple of things I noticed about the “heavily weighted in Googles favour” comparison. Office 2010 does offer multi user editing but they call it co authoring and the one thing that is missing from the line up is “Can be used offline” with a big red cross next to Google and a big green tick next to Office 2010. That last point is the killer as I suspect at least seventy percent of my use of Office is offline writing letters, making presentations and doing accouints. I do not need to be online for those things and there is nothing to stop me emailing them after I have done them. I would imagine a very large percentage of people do exactly the same as once you get out of the high tech circles very few people do everything online and only use it for browsing and sending emails.

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