Microsoft Office is no doubt the standard for productivity suites. But there are attractive alternatives. One is Google Docs. It has several features Office lacks. Most importantly, all documents are stored online. They can be accessed from anywhere. Just a couple of days back Google docs received a facelift and improved features, where in Google argued on different counts where Google docs are better than MS Office 2010.

You may use Google Docs. But you’ll probably want to to use Office, too. What if you could get the best of both worlds? You’d get the functionality and compatibility of Office. But you’d also have the online tools of Google Docs.


Sounds great, isn’t it? Then, all you need is Offisync. It is an MS office add-on that adds the online document management features of Google Docs to Microsoft Office. OffiSync as been created to integrate Google Docs naturally into Microsoft Office. The benefits are that Microsoft Office users can now save Office files to Google Docs without losing any of the functionality provided by Microsoft Office as the documents can be accessed like any other locally saved documents. The documents do become accessible in Google Docs as well which means it is still possible to work with them directly from within a web browser.


Offisync Features

1. A new toolbar inside Microsoft Office applications.
2. Open and save documents directly to Google Docs and Google Sites
3. Simultaneous group editing and collaboration
4. Automatically merge changes from locally stored documents with the ones stored on Google
5. Access your files from any computer, even one without MS Office on it
6. Share and set permissions using email addresses or Google Apps Contacts
7. Import templates, images and web content right from within MS Office documents

You can see Offisync in action here

Download Offisync

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