Adobe Creative Suite 5 was announced just a few days back with some amazing features and is scheduled to start shipping in a month from now. Shockingly enough, the pirates have managed to get their hands on this latest software suite and have even managed to crack it. It was always known that the software will get cracked soon after it is released, but this time around it gets cracked a month before the release.


The first-ever pirated release of Adobe CS5 is now live on usenet sites with release name “Adobe.CS5.Master.Suite-Raz0rW1nD” and we are sure to see them spread to popular file-sharing methods like torrents, Rapidshare, Hotfile and Megaupload.

The Adobe CS5 creative suite release weighs roughly 9.7 GB and comes in a three DVD set as follows :

  • Adobe CS5 MasterSuite DVD1 – 3.98 Gb
  • Adobe CS5 MasterSuite DVD2 – 5.37 Gb
  • Adobe CS5 MasterSuite DVD3 – 439 Mb

We are not sure if the cracked version of Adobe CS5 is fake or not. This post is for information purpose only. Any comments with request to the pirated/cracked software or links to the same will get deleted.

Update: Looks like the portable version of Adobe Photoshop CS5 cracked have made their way into file sharing websites like Rapidshare.



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  • Chazzel

    Not surprised.

  • unknown

    It was only a question of time… 😉

  • Habisaku

    The price of cs5 is ‘very cheap’….

  • anonymous

    The price of Adobe Creative Suite 5 ranges from $1899 – $2599 USD these days. If thats “very cheap” you have the money to hire someone whatever you need the program for.

  • tba

    ‘very cheap’, not very cheap, aspersions otherwise abate said subject, thus the cost itself noted as cheap, bifurcated from the astyanax, or astroturfing

  • Pietie

    Very cheap to download, yes. Jou voken dom kaffer…

  • C.Moonkill

    I don’t want to pay thousands of dollars for software, but I don’t just can’t bring myself to download pirated software either…I think it’s better to buy an older copy of OEM software, which is at least legal. Damn my integrity, sometimes it’s freakin’ expensive…

    Of course, if Adobe products weren’t the most pirated software on earth, maybe they wouldn’t be the most expensive – and vice versa.

    • Daniel

      where can I buy a copy of OEM software ??? sorry im new on this things…

      is the CS3 cheaper now?

  • Kambal

    thanks dude

  • Chanthaneth

    Thank you!

  • warr

    is the keyen a free download or not, it cost to much money for the software, adobe is more creedy than micorosft, boy



  • Shariar

    How could I get the Only adobe photoshop cs5. Please help me.

  • siddique

    good programe nice