It’s been more than an year since iPhone 4G rumors and leaked pictures started invading the blogosphere. Some of them even claimed to be genuine iPhone 4G pics. Now that the launch of a new iPhone (to be named iPhone HD?) in June is almost certain, more leaked pictures are making their way on the web and the latest ones come via Engadget.


According to Engadget, the source that provided them with the photos claims to have found the device on the floor of a bar in San Jose in an iPhone 3G case. While the device is apparently not booting up as of right now, it was running a “decidedly new” OS when originally found.

Having burnt our hands predicting the genuineness of previous leaks, we will leave that for you to decide this time around. This can be a prototype or completely fake or may be a genuine production model of the next iPhone. But the leaked specifications reported that this iPhone is carrying 80GB of storage space and a front facing camera (not visible in pics), which makes us a bit patchy about its authenticity.



Do share your views about these pics.

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