Windows 7 has been the most popular OS ever for Microsoft. One of the big features of Windows 7 was its integrated support for PCs that were capable of taking advantage of touch. Microsoft has just released Touch Pack for Windows 7 for anyone with Windows Touch capable devices to download. The Windows 7 touch pack was first introduced last May as a series of 6 applications that were designed to showcase Windows Touch in Windows 7 and to help people learn touch gestures. The features were limited to OEMs with devices having multitouch. But now the Touch pack allows users to use it with any 3rd party touchscreens.


The Touch Pack includes-

  • Microsoft Globe Surface, which is a 3D globe letting people manipulate the globe and get information about places using touch.
  • Surface Collage lets users view and manipulate images on the screen using their hands.
  • Surface Lagoon is a screensaver that you can interact with using multi-touch.
  • Blackboard is an intricate game of physics in which you solve a puzzle by creating a fanciful machine on a blackboard.
  • Garden Pond is a tranquil game that takes place in serene Japanese water gardens
  • Microsoft Rebound is a game in which you use your fingertips to move Tesla balls with an electrical field between them to catapult a metal game ball into your opponent’s goal.

Download: Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7

Looking at the quality of these demo apps included in the touch pack, I am apprehensive on the multi-touch capabilities of HP Slate. Let us wait and watch.

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