You must have come across a situation where in you are required to send an email to several people in a team/group at once, but still would like to add some additional information for only a few of them. I am sure you would have sent a separate mail for those selected few containing that additional info. Here is something to make your job easier.

Bccthis for Gmail and Microsoft Outlook allows users to compose private, secure messages to selected recipients in the To, Cc, or Bcc fields of their emails while simultaneously sending a message to a broader group.

It comes as a plugin for Microsoft Outlook and as a Firefox add-on for GMail. In either of the cases, you don’t need to leave your composition window at all.

Bccthis for Outlook


Once you install the Bccthis plug-in for Outlook, you can quickly create an additional message to one or more recipients. You can even format this mail any way you like. The recipients do not need to have to install any plug-in in order to view these private/secret mails. When you try to Reply-To-All or Forward a Bccthis message, you are reminded about the private nature of the message and given an option to only send the public content.

Bccthis for GMail


Bccthis is a free Firefox plug-in for use with Gmail that allows you to send a separate discreet message to selected recipients. The functionality is very similar to Bccthis plugin for Microsoft outlook. But the formatting and customizing options available in Outlook are more than for GMail. The secret message appears in a box within the body of the main message


Check out Bccthis for Outlook and GMail


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