Google is definitely trying new adsense layouts and features in some websites for the last couple of days. Have a look at the below screenshot taken from this blog just a few minutes back.


Can you notice the difference? The new layout shows the ad title and ad description on a single line. This is instead of showing the ad title and then a break and then a ad description. This is how the normal (present) adsense layout looks like


I guess, this new format is showing up on IE alone, as I never got to see it on Chrome and Firefox. Each letter of the Ad title is in caps as well as the first letter of every word in the description. Few users are reporting higher CTR due to this change, but personally I haven’t noticed much difference w.r.t adsense CTR.

Also, Seroundtable notes that the Google adsense featured ads, which used to be marked by a gold star are now being marked by yellow light bulbs.


I am not sure from when these changes have come into place, but surely interesting for adsense publishers and advertisers around the world. Please do share your views and any additional information you come across in the comment section below. Thanks @ashishmohta for the tip.

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