Regular readers would already know about 5 Hacks to Bypass Megavideo time limit which I had written almost an year back. Some of them still work, while others don’t, depending upon lots of factors. Some of you have been asking me to update the post, so I thought of digging further on other working hacks, resulting in this new post.

For the uninitiated, Megavideo is an online video portal with millions of videos, documentaries, TV shows and movies, but comes with an irritating 72 minutes (or 61 minutes now?) time limit after which the user is given an option to wait for 50+ minutes to continue watching or purchase a premium account which gets rid of this wait.


Check out these additional Megavideo hacks

1. Megavideo hack – Block Cookies

Clear your web browser’s cache and delete cookies. And then Block cookies.

If you are on Mozilla Firefox,
– Click on Tools > Page Info.
– Click on the Permissions tab. Under Set Cookies, if Use Default is checked, uncheck it then select Block.

If you are on IE7 or IE8,
– Click on Tools > Internet Options.
– Click on the Privacy tab.
– Click on Sites.
– Under “Address of Website“, type “” (without the quotes), click Block.
– Repeat the previous step and this time type ““, click Block.

Now, Disconnect your modem and wait for about 10 seconds before reconnecting it. Continue watching the video as before!

2. Megavideo hack – Download videos via Userscripts

This is probably the best option which has been working for a long time now. Download the videos to your PC and watch them offline. Most Userscripts are cross-browser compatible and do not require the video to start playing to provide access to the download. This is also excellent for users who do not have Adobe Flash installed. make sure you have Greasemonkey installed.

  • MegaVideo Downloader
  • Megavideo NoLimit
  • Megavideo Unlimited
  • Keeptube
  • Direct Megavideo FLV Link

3. Megavideo hack – Download videos via Browser Add-ons

Browser add-ons are usually limited to one web browser. Also, the video needs to be played for sometime so that the add-ons discover the stream and provide access to the download link. Most of these add-ons are for Firefox only.

4. Megavideo hack – Download videos via web services

Several websites offer services to download the videos directly to your PC by just providing the megavideo links.

5. Megavideo hack – Download videos via software

Desktop software provide an alternative way to download videos from megavideo. Most of them work only on Windows.

Of-course you can check older Megavideo hacks in case you would like to. Feel free to share additional/new services or userscripts or add-ons you come across.

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37 thoughts on “More Megavideo Hacks – Bypass Megavideo Time Limit

  1. I was watching a video & the 72 minute thing popped up. I found your tips.
    Since I was already “blocked” I attempted TIP ONE, NADA.
    Followed it to a “T”, NADA.
    I read somewhere it is about your IP ADDY is there a way to refresh or block your IP ADDY so as to “trick” it?
    Must i download a gazillion programs?

  2. Don’t use videourls… too many pop ups and advertisement and also it doens’t work with JW player… i prefer you to use add-ons [Cacoaweb]

  3. Hi, is anyone familiar with or something?
    I recently found out that when i went to a popular anime episodes site, the directvid player doesn’t work, saying “video not found” and giving the url below it.
    (with every episode having an option to view in either megavideo/directvid, and i always use the directvid player to avoid a waiting time)

    I used to go on this site to watch the anime all the time and it never gave me this problem. Is directvid deleting episodes from its site, or is it just down for a while?

    Thank you, any help would be appreciated.

  4. Hey, found a good site to remove megavideo time limit.
    As you may know has been down for many days! now we have found a new site to remove the time limit
    check it out at
    enjoy 😀

  5. Heres a way so stop megavideo on google chrome in 10 easy steps!!!:

    1.go to the spanner on the top left corner of the screen
    2.go to options
    3.go to under the hood
    4.go to content settings on exeptions… add
    7.type ender
    9.close the screens that hace poped up
    10.enjoy your free unlimited MEGA VIDEO

    • Under which section of content settings am I making the exception and am I allowing or blocking for the action?

  6. Just to let you know that among the methods you list in Megavideo Hacks, only cacaoweb removes megavideo time limit.
    The other listed methods don’t remove the time limit and don’t claim to do so, they are just merely downloaders. On the other side cacaoweb works just fine to bypass megavideo limit because it’s P2P.

  7. ok, cacaoweb works but takes to long to buffer so i use which is now and it works! they have two players a free one(jw player) and a premium player (dont knows it’s name) but the problem is to use the premium you have to do 1 survey but there is a easy way to get rid of the survey for the player just use XJZ survey remover, its free and a bookmarklet.

  8. I used Ezywatch and the survey remover and after the other methods just told me I exceeded the Megavideo limit, this method is letting me watch a Megavideo. 😀

  9. Awesome likes, that had been working for a while then it crapped out. With the find of that survey blocker, I can use the premium player AND a lot other stuff once blocked by surveys. Excellent page here!

    Markwl, no. Surveys are the most obnoxious type of popup ever invented, and much of the time filling it out doesn’t even work. Just get ads that don’t obstruct content like a normal site.

  10. Does any1 have a way to bypass the time limit even if the video is not technically on megavideo? Any suggestions would be really appreciated besides the watch while offline thing.

  11. I feel we can do this by opening the command prompt window and type

    ipconfig /flushdns
    ipconfig /release
    ipconfig /renew exit

    along with hack 1 mentioned above… 🙂

    nyways….nice post bro 🙂

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. # Illimitux (Firefox)
    # Cacoaweb (Firefox)

    these two together work awesome. the only problem is that illimitux has ads. one of the ads that randomly comes up is CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU WON!!
    it sometimes happens every 5 seconds which makes you want to throw your computer through your window then shoot the fuck who made the ad.

  13. None of userscripts remove the megavideo time limitation on google chrome. megavideo uses Ip adress to check duration each time.

  14. For those who is wondering about the chrome tips. You need to add an exception to block COOKIES from

    Another tip for anyone no matter their computer OS or browser:
    Everyone with a dynamic IP (you get a new ip every time you log on to the internet) just disconnect and reconnect and then refresh the screen and you will get another 72 minutes to watch.

    If you dont know if you have a dynamic IP or not, just go to and see if your IP (displayed at the top)changes when you reconnect.

  15. Hi guys. The only way to bypass the megavideo 72 minutes limit is to transload the stream through a server (the server download the stream from megavideo using a premium account, then serve the stream to the client). This service
    use a bunch of servers to serve the streams, the frontend and the load balancing algorithm are hosted on google app engine for maximum reliability. It works well, just try it yourself…

  16. You now DONT NEED TO UNPLUG YOUR MODEM!! This handy dandy IP Meter lets you refresh from your desk top.

    LOL, they didn’t intend for this desktop gadget to help people with Mega video time limit but this desk top gadget DOES THE TRICK!! I refreshed my IP when the 72 minute limit came on, then just went back and watched the rest of my movie.

  17. Megavideo I think now times out per IP address. Still though go into files in your computer, the temp places, all of them. Be careful but delete all temp files associated with browser, computer, caches using URL associated address. This still works for me, I can go back and watch the rest of the same movie using the Megavideo ID code, I bring it up alone online, not using a player or host per address/domain. Sometimes I’ll have to restart my computer after that, the ROM/RAM unload will wipeout the rest. It’s still working for me, has been for some time, I know sometime to future this will be figured out but I don’t know how they’ll get around it since it’s temp files anyway. It’s just folks not knowing their computers, how to delete out the cookies, lock-out cookie packets, etc.

  18. tnx kylie! yes all you need is to enter,, allow it,
    not block. refresh after the it pops out and viola!
    no need to follow those things above! 🙂

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